Garcia's Injury Angers Judah!

Danny 'Swift' Garcia's rib injury initiated a fire with future opponent Zab 'Super' Judah. Judah took to twitter as he attacked the current WBA and WBC light welterweight champ. "He started thinking Zab beat Matthysse so what might happen to me" Judah tweeted followed by tweets that insulted Garcia. "People don't let him fool you, he ain't hurt."
  Garcia tweeted a picture of his ribs and proceeded to call Zab a girl. "All you do is talk, you should have been a female." The fight has been rescheduled for April 27th.  Don't expect a shortage of words in between that time. Between Zab Judah and Angel Garcia, who has surprisingly been quiet so far, it would come to no surprise to see a few punches thrown at the next press conference, and perhaps a reality show that would give the Jersey Shore a run for it's money.

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