Mayweather, Canelo, The World Awaits.

          Over one month ago rumors began to circulate the boxing world that pound for pound champion  Floyd Mayweather’s (43-0, 26 KO’s) highly anticipated comeback was going to be against Robert “The Ghost” Guerrero (31-1, 18 KO’s). Adding to the card would be Saul “Canelo” Alvarez (41-0, 30 KO’s) who would defend his light middleweight belt against light middleweight champion Austin “No Doubt” Trout (26-0, 14 KO’s). The leaked information caused a bit of a buzz surrounding the highly anticipated fight which might also include highly regarded future superstar Adrien Broner. Everyone was eager, everyone was waiting for an official announcement. Well, one month as passed, and while everyone is sure that Mayweather vs Guerrero will main event the May 4th card, and Alvarez vs Trout will co-main event it one has to wonder, what is taking so long to announce a fight that is only three months away?

          I can think of a few things. First, Floyd Mayweather. It’s to no one’s surprise that the pound for pound king of boxing likes to do things in fashion and style. Being that news leaked of the Guerrero fight well before anyone wished it too, or maybe even before the contract was officially done, Mayweather has most likely decided to let the public sweat it out a bit, even trying to defend his games by tweeting last week that “I don’t know who my opponent is for May 4th.”

          The problem with that, is that not even two hours after that tweet was sent Richard Schaefer reported that the contracts were done and they just needed the lawyers to look over them. Sound odd? This isn’t amateur boxing where you make a quick phone call and all in the sudden you have an opponent. If you know the professional game of boxing you know that it takes more than a few hours to decide an opponent and write a contract. So that would lead us to believe that Mayweather was just throwing everyone a curve until the ‘official’ announcement was made. While I respect that trying to make a big announcement is ok, I don’t like the fact that they have to play all these games with the fans that are just itching to start talking about the May 4th card. There is no need for Mayweather and Guerrero to claim that they have no idea what it going on if in fact they truly do. 

          There is perhaps another issue. Saul Canelo Alvarez. Alvarez stated that he was not happy on being on another undercard of Floyd Mayweather. He would have been perfectly fine being his own main event and wasn’t thrilled about being the co-main event to Floyd again. Alvarez said that the only way that he was going to sign the contract to fight that day under Floyd would be if he was guaranteed a fight against Mayweather on September 14th. Which likely means that he would want Floyd to sign the fight for September 14th before Alvarez would sign the fight on May 4th. Alvarez isn’t likely to let Golden Boy give him their word on it given Mayweather’s track record of retiring after fights. He would want a signature set in stone before he agrees to co-main event the May 4th card. I know, complicated right? Mayweather hasn’t fought twice in one year since 2007 when he fought Oscar De La Hoy and Ricky Hatton so to ask him to sign a contract to fight twice this year is to ask a lot even when he has stated that he was going to. So that could be the hold up.

          Canelo’s opponent could be another issue. A few weeks ago Austin Trout took to twitter by saying that he hadn’t received a contract yet for the Canelo fight despite being the rumored opponent. That I believe could be true. It was rumored that Golden Boy was playing around with ideas of Alfred Angulo and James Kirkland as well. They could be trying to figure that part out and maybe the contracts that Schafer made up doesn’t sit well with Canelo’s opponent, which could be holding up the entire process.

          Lastly, and least likely, maybe it’s the undercard. Usually in fights like this only the main event and co-main event matter enough to make an announcement. However if they are planning a huge card, one that will feature someone like Adrien Broner, they might be trying to work out details with him before ultimately announcing the fight. Mayweather did say that Adrien Broner would be on the card.  Broner is fighting on February 16th so an opponent for him likely wouldn’t be decided until after that bout but mentioning that he would be on the May 4th card would add extra excitement.

          Again, all of this is just my view by what I have seen going on this last month and piecing it together. If one is asking me my personal belief I would say that by now they have everything done and they are just waiting to announce it. It’s almost ninety –nine percent sure that the announcement will happen this week. I’m also very confident that the fights we will be seeing are Mayweather-Guerrero and Canelo-Trout, although I’m not as confident about Canelo’s opponent. But when it comes to boxing, and Floyd Mayweather, one never knows what’s bound to happen.

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