Friday's Low Blows

          He’s back! Last week The Corrupt Judge made his writing debut with Friday’s Low Blows. This week he continues his onslaught as he attacks the week’s most popular issues! Here we go! His style is impregnable, his words are vicious, he’ll eat your…never mind. Let’s get to this!


          Adrien Broner said earlier this week he won’t fight Floyd Mayweather, and I quote, “I don’t fight family.” Well, thank god for this. For a moment I didn’t think this fight would ever happen. Now that their friends, this is definitely going to end in a brawl! I expect this fight to happen sooner than later. If there’s one thing I know about Mayweather and his newly attained friendships (Cough, 50 Cent, Cough), it’s that they don’t last long. Too bad Broner and Mayweather weren’t dating, then it would surely end in Broner getting beat up.


          You know that guy in the bar that gets beat up every weekend, yet continues to run his mouth, and continues to get beat up. I introduce to you Amir Khan. What is wrong with this guy? Garcia knocked you out in three rounds yet you continue to talk smack. Back when I was growing up, when you got knocked out you showed respect to the person that did it. Khan’s got some skills though, but you need to shut your mouth bro.


          I heard Joseito Lopez is on suicide watch. He’s planning on stepping into the ring with Marcos Maidana. Please Lopez, Don’t do it!!


          While I’m on the subject of suicide, anyone know who’s signing up to fight Lucas Matthysse?


          It may not be suicide, but there’s about to be a homicide tomorrow night. The cops are going to be looking for the man that killed Gavin Rees.


          It was the WBC’s 50th Anniversary this week I was told. Who cares? Not anyone. Save boxing, eliminate the sanctioning bodies! Better yet, eliminate the judges!

          Frans Botha made headlines this week. Yes, you read that right. And yes, it’s 2013.


          David Tua is announcing his 19th return to boxing. That left hook is still a killer! Rumors state that Tua might be a forced to be reckoned with. Apparently his height is about 6’7 now. (With hair)




            Well, that’s it for this week. Time to get drunk. Till next week!


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