In The Corner 2

In The Corner is a quick boxing news section that touches on my thoughts of what's going on in boxing at the moment. I try to hit the topics that everyone is talking about, and express my opinion. Basically, my tweets expanded for your debates and pleasure. Enjoy!


Devon Alexander says that it was news to him as it was news to everyone else about fighting Mayweather. Well if that’s true, then Mayweather’s tweet was false. He couldn’t have been the front runner in the negotiations if he didn’t even know about it. Once again Mayweather plays the public for fools. It was fun though. Now let’s announce the Guerrero fight and be done with it.


Adrien Broner demolished Gavin Rees after Rees gave him all he could handle the first two rounds. Broner is indeed special. He’ll most likely fight Ricky Burns next. I don’t see Burns posing any threat to Broner. Nothing about Burns style of boxing will surprise Broner or give him a hard time. The exciting fights are at 140, and I expect to see Broner fighting at that weight by the end of the year. Juan Manuel Marquez? There’s interest. We’ll see.


Wladimir Klitchsko’s camp may be looking at American heavyweight Bryant Jennings as his next opponent. Jennings had some exciting fights last year. He’s about as game as anyone else Klitchsko has been fighting. It’d be nice to see an American heavyweight fighting Klitchsko on HBO or Showtime. I’m a fan of this fight and I say get it done!


Peterson vs Holt is set to go Friday night on ESPN. It’s the best main event fight that the network has had this year. It should bump up the lackluster views that the show has been getting. I like them both, but I give the edge to Peterson in this one.


Canelo announced that he will be fighting Austin Trout on May 4th. Everyone loves this fight. Canelo finally gets to prove himself against a tough opponent that everyone thinks has a good shot to beat him. Count me out on that list though. Trout is going to give Canelo a hard time but he isn’t going to win this fight. Canelo’s pressure is going to break him down. Trout will counter, move a lot, and lose rounds in the judges’ eyes because he won’t be active enough trying to get away from Canelo. Even if Trout lands clean punches, he won’t be landing enough to keep Canelo off of him. Since Trout don’t have KO power, he’ll have to rely on the judges, who will go with the more active, pressuring fighter. I like Canelo by a unanimous decision.  


Anyone know the last time Edner Cherry lost a fight? Cherry’s last loss was in 2008 to Tim Bradley at 140. Now he’s at 130 and looking pretty sharp. He’s fought eight times since, and hasn’t lost one fight. I think he deserves at shot at Gamboa. I feel that Golden Boy made a mistake by not replacing the Banks-Mitchell fight with Cherry-Escobedo. Cherry’s been good. Give the man a title shot!

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