In The Corner 3

The week started off huge with Mayweather announcing the fight everyone expected him too. Floyd Mayweather vs Robert Guerrero. The biggest surprise was that Mayweather had committed himself to Showtime for most likely the remainder of his career. They have some pretty good ideas for a presidential debate type “Face Off” and a behind the scenes show likely to be on CBS. I like all of this. CBS can hit a broader audience than HBO and maybe draw more fans to the sport of boxing. I know it wasn’t an easy choice for Floyd, but this could help revolutionize the sport in the US.


Lamont Peterson returned after a long layoff following his suspension for using a banned substance. Peterson started off sluggish against Holt, but then came on after a few rounds putting on an exciting show. Next up for Peterson, a fight against Lucas Matthysse from what we are hearing. It’s a great fight and if Peterson can find a way to beat the most dangerous fighter at light welterweight he will surely earn himself some more fans and make a huge statement in earning a shot against Danny Garcia.


Juan “Baby Bull” Diaz announced his return to the squared circle. I loved watching Diaz fight. He always comes to brawl and was one of the most exciting names in the sport. He’s entering a somewhat weak division at lightweight. Adrien Broner isn’t expected to stay long so I can see Diaz possibly becoming champ at the weightclass again. Diaz vs Gamboa in early 2014? It can happen! Regardless, he will put on some exciting fights if he comes back the same way he left.


Upset central. David Price was being hyped as the next man to rule the heavyweight division. We can’t say this enough in boxing, anything can happen! Hats off to Thompson, who was a 7-1 underdog in the fight. It wasn’t a great punch, and it was perhaps a lucky spot that he caught Price on, but he did it. It’s a huge setback for Price, and an even bigger step forward for Fury who will most likely be the man talked about next to take on Thompson.


Add Malik Scott to the list of fighters that have been on the bad side of horrible judges. He clearly defeated Glazkov in their ten round heavyweight bout on NBC sports. Something needs to be done about this horrible judging. Everyone complains about it yet no one does anything. This is unacceptable!


Donaire and Rigondeaux keep going back and forth with this drug testing issue. Donaire has gone as far as threatening to pull out of the fight. This is absurd. Rigondeaux signed the contract to do the VADA testing and that’s final. I don’t see what the problem is. If you’re clean then do the test.

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