Interview with Phil Lo Greco

I had the chance to speak with undefeated Italian prospect Phil Lo Greco (25-0, 14 KO's), who recently signed with Golden Boy Promotions.

Give us a little bit of your background Phil and tell us what it was like to have your first professional fight in Montreal?


I was born in Toronto and moved out to Italy when I was young. When I was nine I came back to Canada and started boxing. I joined the Olympic team, then went to enroll in the Italian army for two years. My first fight was exiting. Montreal has a great atmosphere and a huge Italian community that serves as a great supporting system for an Italian fighter like me. I was lacking in my French though so it was a little problem. I’m not sure if I’ll ever fight there again but I would want too. My main focus right now is getting a name in the United States.



What made you want to go over to Italy and take a few fights there?


I wanted to look for a big promoter. People were familiar with me there. I had built up a good reputation and developed a following. I wanted to fight for a Europeon title and I needed five fights to be ranked in Europe for that.



How did you feel when you found out Golden boy was interested in you, and what was it like signing with them?


My promoter then was close with Golden Boy. They had a good relationship. They knew I was interested in fighting in the United States and signing with a huge promoter so everything worked out. Golden Boy is the leading promoter in boxing so it was exciting to sign with them. Plus they have a lot of fighters in my weight class that I could fight.



You’re one of the few Italians making a name for yourself in the sport. How do you draw ‘casual’ boxing fans to love you the way they did to someone like Arturo Gatti?


Well you have to do your talking inside the ring, and outside of it as well. I had a huge circle already following me in Atlantic City, buying tickets and such. Even bigger than some of the big names like Adrien Broner. My support system is amazing and you need that. I have a crowd pleasing style so I think fans will be drawn to me. It’s a team effort in the end. I can’t do it all alone.



 Who do you think you are fighting next, and if you could pick anyone to fight right now who would it be?


Anyone. It doesn’t matter to me. We were shooting for Joseito Lopez but he got a bigger fight with Maidana. Obviously he would take that because he’s a bigger name right now. But I’ll fight them all. I want Lopez, Maidana, Berto, Soto-Karass. I’ve wanted those fights since signing with Golden Boy.



 How’s the Mayweather-Guerrero undercard looking for you? Or maybe even Canelo-Trout?


We want to get on the May 4th card. Right now it’s looking like I’ll be on that or May 18th. I want to fight someone like Soto-Karass. For me I think the hardest part was getting to this point. I want the more exciting fights, the bigger names, and to be on television. Those are the exciting fights for me. That’s what makes this fun. I don’t want to fight just to fight someone. I paid my dues and I’m ready to fight the biggest names out there.



 Favorite fighter of all time?


Chavez. Julio Cesar Chavez. I loved his style, form, everything. As a heavyweight it was Holyfield. Obviously De La Hoya is someone I looked up to but it’s definitely Chavez for me.



Thank you Phil. I can’t want to see you on that card and Good Luck to you.


I would like to thank all my supporters out there that support me and I will do my best to give great fights. Also you can follow me on twitter. @Phil_Lo_Greco

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