In The Corner 4

     In the Corner is an article where we briefly touch on all the popular boxing issues for the week. This week we talk about Hopkins, Broner-Malignaggi, Deontay Wilder, and the light welterweight tourney. Basically, my tweets expanded. 

     Bernard Hopkins once again embarrassed a young animal, this time Tavoris Cloud, to even further his Hall of Fame legacy. Bernard got written off after the Dawson loss. Many people assumed that his miraculous run was finally over. Guess not. Hopkins still has a lot of fight left in him and remains the most dangerous fighter in the light heavyweight division. Even at the age of 48.


     Adrien Broner and Paulie Malignaggi is pretty much a done deal for June 22nd . The fight hasn’t gotten a lot of support from the fans. People are mad that Broner has totally skipped the 140 weightclass that features guys like Danny Garcia, Brandon Rios, Amir Khan, Mike Alvarado, and Lucas Matthysse. I tend to think this fight is just a one-time deal. Broner isn’t the type to dodge anyone and I’m sure Golden Boy has plans to bring him down to 140 after this. There’s too much money to miss out on, and too much of a resume that Broner can build to not fight any of those guys. Remember that Paulie only has 7 KO’s in his entire career. It’s a good way to get Broner to feel what 147 is like without actually being at risk of getting knocked out by a bigger guy.


     I feel bad for Timothy Bradley. The guy has always been respectful and acted classy towards everyone. He took a lot of unnecessary heat for that Pacquiao win that wasn’t his fault. Yes he lost, and yes he was given a gift, but it’s not his fault. Let’s run through the list of guys that he has beat. Junior Witter, Kendall Holt, Devon Alexander, Lamont Peterson, and Luis Carlos Abregu. These are all world class fighters and Bradley should be given more respect for his accomplishments than he’s been getting. He’ll try to get himself back on the map next weekend by taking on the dangerous Ruslan Provodnikov. I like both these guys, but expect Bradley to get the W.


     Lamont Peterson wants to fight Lucas Matthysse in Washington D.C. I say no way. Matthysse has already been ripped off twice, to Zab Judah and Devon Alexander, his only two losses. Peterson may or may not have been given a gift in D.C against Khan. I had Peterson winning but everyone had something different. Regardless it’s not a good thing for Matty. Stay away from D.C.


     Things are heating up with Mayweather-Guerrero. First it was the father’s fighting and now it’s the fighters going back and forth. CBS has a lot planned for this three month extravaganza and I look forward to it. The fight itself is going to be a one sided massacre but at least the pre-fight events look like they are going to be fun.


     There are some silent talks going on about Golden Boy heavyweight prospect Deontay Wilder taking on Tony Thompson. Maybe on CBS in front of a national audience? I can’t think of a better way to expose a heavyweight prospect. It’s a great idea. Thompson just pulled a huge upset of who many called the future of England’s heavyweight’s David Price. For Wilder, this would be the fight that everyone has been waiting for. A victory over Thompson on national television would be huge for him, and more importantly for the heavyweight division in America. The U.S is itching for a boxing heavyweight to put them on their backs and bring heavyweight boxing back to the States. Can Wilder be that guy? Only time will tell.


     Light Welterweight tourney? I kind of had an idea that Golden Boy was going to have the winner of Devon Alexander-Lucas Matthysse face the winner of Zab Judah-Danny Garcia. They even plan on throwing Amir Khan in there somehow, possibly facing the winner of whoever comes out on top of those four. Love this idea. Best fighting the best. Not an official tourney but we get the drift. If we are lucky they will maybe end the cold war and get the Brandon Rios-Mike Alvarado fight involved. Yea, I know I’m pushing it. If I had to pick a winner, I like Matthysse, but he always gets robbed so I think Alexander will find a way to pull it off. Khan is good but I just can’t trust him.  

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