Canelo defeats Trout by UD

In what was no doubt the most difficult fight of his career, Canelo Alvarez (42-0, 30 KO's) remained undefeated and unified the championship in the light middleweight division as he defeated Austin Trout (26-1, 14 KO's) by UD at the Alamadome Saturday night in San Antonio, TX. Scores were 115-112, 116-111 and 118-109. The exciting fight left the fans with much to think about as the final scores were announced. As expected, and what many experts predicted, there were a lot of close rounds that could have went either way. Trout established himself as the boxer using his quick hand speed and superior jab to control rounds while Canelo tried to make it a brawl. Canelo, however, used his boxing skills to throw Trout off, and often he used the lead right hand to win rounds or make them close enough for the judges to have to decide who did more to win the round. Most rounds were probably a few good punches away for the taking, except for when Canelo dropped Trout in the seventh with a straight right hand. Scores on twitter and at ringside were all over the place but most were close only having it one or two rounds apart for either man. It was one of those fights that no matter who won there was going to be some sort of controversy. 



The biggest controversy however comes from two different angles. One, open scoring. At the beginning of the tenth round the scores were announced to the public. Two judges had Canelo comfortably ahead, while the other had him up by one point. Up until that point, the fight was still exciting and many fans didn’t really know who was winning the fight. But once the announcement came, everything changed. Canelo, knowing that he was ahead, basically took the last rounds off as he made Trout force the action on him. He had his moments, and even perhaps won some rounds depending on how a person judges, but for the most part it ruined the excitement of the fight as Canelo coasted his way through the final rounds to victory.  



The second controversy was the scorecard of 118-109 by Stanley Christodoulou. Clearly anyone watching the fight with even a little boxing knowledge would have never had a scorecard this far off. I’m not sure what happened there but that was horrible judging and part of the reason why people will say Trout never had a chance from the beginning. 



All in all, it was an amazing night of boxing at the sold out Alamodome, which held over 39,000 people. The fight was exciting, and even though one man had to lose, they both showed resilience and heart. Trout perhaps gained more fans than he had going into the fight, and Canelo is one step closer to getting the fight he’s been wanting for years, a shot at Floyd Mayweather.

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