April 27th, what we learned and what is next

Amir Khan, Deontay Wilder, Sergio Martinez, Martin Murray, Peter Quillen, Zab Judah, and Danny Garcia. April 27th was a date on the calender that had been marked for a big boxing day with tons of interesting fights taking place all day long. Now that it's over, what did we learn? And what's next?

The day started off with Deontay Wilder taking on Audley Harrison. For Wilder, it was a step up fight from what many have called a career that has been 'babied' through his first 27 fights. For Harrison, is was the chance to win the big fight that throughout his career he has been unable to do. The result, was a Wilder first round KO. Harrison may not be done, but after getting beaten at the hands of Wilder so easily it's almost certain that he will never win that big fight. Wilder proved that he is indeed someone to watch in the heavyweight division. What's next for Wilder? Truth be told, it's hard to tell. Expect a fighter better than Harrison, but not as good or popular as a Klitchsko. Tyson Fury? Too early? We'll see.

Amir Khan defeated Julio Diaz by UD. Khan was dropped early in the fight. Once again, Khan proved that he perhaps has some of the best boxing skills in the game. His speed is amazing along with his boxing skills. But, once again he proved that he can be hurt by one punch. It doesn't matter if it's Roach or Hunter, if Khan gets hit there is always a chance he will get dropped or knocked out. He's exciting, that's for sure. People will always watch him because of that, but as far as being the next huge thing in boxing as he always claimed, that doesn't look like it's happening anytime soon, or ever. Mayweather is light years away. Not sure who's next for him. The Mayweather-Guerrero and  Peterson-Matthysse fight will determine alot for Golden Boy's next move for Khan.

Sergio Martinez didn't look as great as everyone expected him too. Alot of that could have been the knee surgery. Dibella also said that he was having problems in camp with it. Credit to Martin Murray though, he stuck to his gameplan. He didn't allow Martinez's movements and quickness to fluster him. He kept his hands high, walked him down, and often landed clean punches. The fight could have went either way. Murray proved he can fight with the best at 160. Martinez left a few questions about his knee, and how long he can continue his career. Dibella said he may be off for the rest of the year. Hopefully that isn't true. It'd be sad to see him retire before getting another huge fight. 

Peter 'Kid Chocolate' Quillen also proved he can bang with the great ones at 160. He's ready for a big fight there. Gennady Golovkin? Maybe Martin Murray? We'll see.

Danny Garcia did what he does, wins. He proved to be too good for the older Zab Judah, who also showed he has a bit a fight in him left. Judah's career is surely on the downfall but that may not stop him from getting one more big fight. Garcia will likely face the winner of Peterson-Matthysse. Lucas Matthysse is considered the most dangerous fighter at 140. If he beats Peteron, we'll likely see Garcia-Matthysse in the fall. It's a fight that the fans will love.

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