Negotiations begin, Will Mayweather-Canelo be next?

When the pound for pound King of boxing Floyd Mayweather easily defeated Robert Guerrero last Saturday night the first thing that came to my mind was that it was going to be a long time before his next fight. I for one love watching Floyd fight, and knowing that he steps into the ring only once a year is not something I’m fond of. It was an impulse thought. Then I suddenly remembered that he was slated to fight again on September 14th, which is only five only months away. No one believed that Mayweather would fight twice in one year when he agreed to in the Showtime deal that expects him to fight six times in 30 months. It seems that Mayweather has once again proved the critics wrong.



Just days after his May 4th victory, negotiations have already begun for Mayweather’s September 14th return at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. Nobody likes fighting on Mexican holidays more than Floyd, and no one likes beating Mexicans on that day more than him either. The front-runner opponent this time just happens to be the most popular Mexican boxer in this era. The one man that die hard boxing fans want him to face other than Pacquiao. Saul Canelo Alvarez. Canelo is perhaps that most dangerous opponent of Mayweather’s perfect professional career. In my eyes he is more dangerous than Manny Pacquiao and the hardest opponent of a list of fighters from the 140-154 weightclass. Not only is he dangerous but he has a chance at beating Floyd. Alvarez is 22 years old, has racked up over 40 wins, is undefeated in all of his fights, and maybe has the most aggressive style of any opponent Mayweather has ever faced. He can box, he can brawl, and he can pressure. He’s got a good jab and throws very hard punches. Mayweather has had three tough fights in his career. Miguel Cotto, Oscar De La Hoya, and Jose Luis Castillo. Saul Alvarez’s style of fighting is similar to all three, but he’s young and hungry. He was a huge star in Mexico and that fame has translated over into the United States.  



For Mayweather, if this fight happens it is expected to be at least the second biggest PPV event in boxing history. De La Hoya-Mayweather holds the record for the most buys and generated 2.5 million PPV buys. A Mayweather-Canelo fight is expected to at least hit 2 million. It’s the story of a young popular Mexican fighter taking on the big bad Floyd Mayweather. It’s the young warrior against the bad King. It’s the story book’s final battle. This fight is the fight that everyone has been waiting for since Mayweather-Pacquiao fell through. Canelo’s ultimate goal is to beat Floyd Mayweather. It’s the fight he’s been striving for ever since making his US debut. He provides Mayweather with the ultimate test, and the chance to hold the two biggest ever PPV events in the history of boxing. 



Ever since his win over Oscar De La Hoya, Mayweather has ruled the world of boxing with a strong hand. He has defeated everyone they put in front of him and most of them with ease. Mayweather has proved that he is the best of this era, and is making a huge statement in placing himself as the best of all time. Canelo, has been fighting on his undercards and defeating every opponent he has faced in the hopes that one day he would be able to fight Floyd Mayweather. In February, Canelo took a stand. He stated that he would not fight on the undercard of Floyd Mayweather again until he agreed to face him. It was a bold move but it was meant to send a message to his promoter and Mayweather. Now, he may get the shot he has always dreamed of.



The big question remains though, will this fight actually happen? The general consensus among the critics and fans is one of two things will stop this fight from happening. One, the mainstream idea that Mayweather avoids any fighter that poses any sort of threat to him and will find some excuse to not fight Canelo and take a less dangerous opponent. And two, Mayweather doesn’t want to move up to 154. He feels comfortable at 147 and is content staying there. Since Canelo most likely can’t make 147 it’s less likely that he can be the opponent if Mayweather doesn’t want to move up. The other weight issue is that Canelo is going to come into the ring above 170 on fight night regardless of what he weighs the day before the fight, and Mayweather is going to come in at around 150. Is Mayweather willing to give up 25 pounds to Canelo? 



I don’t believe the first problem is an issue. I think Mayweather is willing and ready to fight Canelo. While I do firmly believe he avoided Pacquiao, I always felt that if they had fought Mayweather would have won a one sided decision just based on their styles. I also believed that Mayweather was the smarter and more talented fighter of the two. I think a fight against Canelo is far more dangerous than a fight against Pacquiao because he provides Mayweather with a style that he has a history of problems with. Mayweather seems more than willing to test his limits. 



The second issue is a huge concern. The simple fact that fans might have to deal with is that Canelo may just be too big for Floyd. Mayweather proved that he can do one million buys without a big name opponent. If he’s happy with one million buys per event he can fight anyone he wants. Floyd proved that money isn’t everything with his unwillingness to face Pacquiao on three separate occasions knowing that he could make close to 70 million dollars. (I’ll say two separate occasions actually, the first one was on Manny because he wouldn’t take the drug test.) Floyd’s a businessman as well as a fighter and if he’s happy with one million buys then it becomes that much clearer that Canelo will have to meet every demand of Mayweather for this fight to happen, mainly the weight issues. Floyd doesn’t ‘need’ to fight Canelo so if he’s content at 147 he has no pressure to move up to 154.



I personally think that Mayweather-Canelo is going to happen, but if you were asking me how certain I was on it, I’d say 60-40 that it does. The pressure from Golden Boy and Showtime will be there to do everything in their power to make this fight happen. However, Mayweather doesn’t give into pressure. He proved that with Pacquiao. He’s going to fight who he wants, how he wants, and no one is going to tell him otherwise. He’s earned that. I do believe Mayweather wants this fight though and that’s why I’m more inclined to think it happens. If they can solve the weight issue I think it can easily get done. We’ll know in the next few weeks.

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