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In The Corner is an article where we touch on all the major topics in boxing this week. Everyone knows we love to tweet, and this is our tweets expanded. This week we talk Mayweather’s next opponent, Matthysse-Peterson, Amir Khan, and more!


Floyd Mayweather’s next opponent is the topic that is on everyone’s mind. While negotiations have begun to set up a showdown between Mayweather and Saul Canelo Alvarez, it appears that weight is already becoming a huge factor that may stop this fight from happening. Canelo wants it at 154, Floyd wants it at 147, and no one is going to budge. This isn’t something that no one saw coming. But the big question is, who’s next if not Canelo? Coming off a big Showtime deal, out of prison, and one year inactivity it was perhaps easier to sell a Mayweather fight against an unknown opponent. This time around it could be different. Will people pay to see him fight Amir Khan, Devon Alexander, or Danny Garcia? I’m not sure it will do one million which could be a problem. Floyd says that people will pay to see him lose, but I say again, if no one believes the opponent has a chance at beating him, those people will not pay. With the fight coming soon, we’ll see what happens. As a boxing fan, seeing Mayweather fight twice in one year is a positive. Better someone unknown to the general public than no one at all right?


Amir Khan once again refuses to keep quiet about his ability to beat Floyd. I admit, in 2011 I thought this kid had a shot. I thought his style and speed could give Floyd a hard time. But after watching him against Peterson, get knocked out against Garcia, and dropped against Julio Diaz I have completely changed my mind. I don’t believe his style would be difficult at all for Floyd. I think he should close his mouth for a few more fights until people actually believe that he’s a credible opponent for Floyd. A fight against Alexander next with the winner facing Mayweather next year might be interesting. We’ll see.


Deontay Wilder won’t be able to travel to England to face Derek Chisora because of his battery charge over a woman who apparently he thought was robbing him. I’m not sure of the entire story here and I give no discredit to his story. But I’ve been around boxing a long time and the stories that are made up to cover the truth are more often brought to focus than finding out what actually happened. He’s a good guy with no sort of history with these sort of problems from that I understand, so I’ll believe he just got confused. I didn’t like the Chisora fight anyways, but it’s probably one of the only fights to take right now.


I’m really excited for this weekend. An exciting fan friendly style fight between Phil Lo Greco and Shawn Porter will open up the awesome card that will finish off with Matthysse-Peterson. I’m still upset about the Kell Brook injury. I expect Alexander to beat Purdy pretty handily. As for Matthysse-Peterson I expect a war. If Peterson can handle Matthysse’s punching power then this could be an interesting fight. Peterson is a brawler who doesn’t use the ring to box as much. That will work in Matthysse’s favor. Matthysse has had some very bad luck in big fights which reflect his two losses. A controversial loss to Alexander and Judah, but both fights were really close. Does his streak of bad luck continue? We’ll find out Saturday night.


Pacquiao and Rios will be doing PED testing for their fight. It’s the first time Pacquiao has agreed to do it since the whole Mayweather debacle, where this entire thing started. Personally, I think the size of Juan Manuel Marquez in their last fight got Pacquiao’s camp to thinking. I’m not accusing Marquez of anything, but he was big for that fight and he did something that he wasn’t able to do in three previous fights with Pacquaio, knock him out. Now I know Manny jumped into the punch full force, but I think they are wondering. Truth is, they may never know. This start to testing for Pacquiao will prevent them from never knowing again. It’s a good step forward.


Should a fight against Floyd Mayweather not be made, Saul Canelo Alvarez is already looking toward Miguel Cotto as his next opponent. There are a lot of questions surrounding this fight. Not in terms of whether or not it can be made, which it should be able to very easily, but in terms of when does the fight fall and where? Mayweather will be fighting on September 14th regardless of who the opponent is, or so he says. Of course we never know with Floyd. And Canelo-Cotto is a PPV seller on its own so don’t expect Golden Boy to even entertain the thought of putting it on the Floyd undercard. In that case, where and when does it fall? October? That would make it compete against another PPV event where Juan Manuel Marquez will take on Timothy Bradley. Arum said on record that he will be moving Marquez-Bradley back to October if Mayweather fights on September 14th. If that’s the case there could be two PPV boxing events in October. Canelo-Cotto is the seller here though if in fact it falls into that same month. Then there’s the case that they push Canelo-Cotto to December. There are a lot of hypothetical scenarios here, so until we know more we can’t really say anything. But everyone loves to speculate, which is why we waste our time to talk about all this.

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