Matthysse-Peterson, undercard predictions

When trying to decide the winner of fights, there is sort of a methodical approach that needs to be taken. One needs to study styles, resume’s, the attitude of a fighter before the fight, and any weight issues or problems that might have occurred during camp. These are just some of the things that writers, journalists, and fans use to predict fights. Although I find most fans just pick the person they like better. I mainly base my predictions on styles. I’m pretty good. Since I’ve started these articles and my twitter predictions in March of this year I’m 10-2, with my only two failure’s being Donaire over Rigondeaux and Cloud over Hopkins. I keep track, because I know my followers on Twitter absolutely love to tell me when I am wrong. Two weeks ago I predicted the entire Mayweather card correctly, although I do feel as though Rosado defeated Love even though I picked Love. I also predicted Canelo to box very well and beat Trout, and Alvarado to upset Rios. So no, my picks are not all easy. I do know that a lot of boxing matches aren’t very hard to predict which is why I try to break the main event fights as to how and why someone will win. I will admit, this weekend, I am nervous. I feel as though there are two fights that can go either way. 



Starting with the main event. I like to think that my basis for predicting fights is based on styles, but sometimes there is something else that just doesn’t sit well. Like a gut feeling, that even though you expect someone to win a fight, there is just something there that doesn’t feel right. So when I look at Matthysse vs Peterson, I think based on styles, I want to believe Matthysse is going to KO Peterson. Peterson is a brawler and he’s not very good at backing up. Even if he has a game plan to box, he probably will not do it based on the fact that he’s not very good at it when backing up. Matthysse will bring the pressure all night along, and he’s more powerful than Peterson. However, he has to be careful too, because Peterson can punch. Matthysse also isn’t as bad as a boxer as people think. His only two losses, both controversial, were to two of the purest boxers in the sport, Zab Judah and Devon Alexander. And in both fights he knocked them down. I for one consider Matthysse undefeated as I truly believe he won both fights as well do a lot of other people. If I were to guess this fight based on styles I would favor Matthysse.



But, controversy follows people. And while Matthysse has been on the wrong end of some very close fights, Peterson has been on the right end of them. So, despite that fact that stylistically this fight favors Matthysse, is there something missing. Something brewing in the back of my head that is thinking that Peterson might just be the one to come out victorious Saturday night. Is there a chance that Peterson can take Matthysse’ power and fire back his own winning his way to a decision victory? Is Matthysse just a good fighter that is always going to fall short in big fights? That is what remains to be seen. That is what makes this fight so interesting and hard to predict. I like to believe that Matthysse is the guy that everyone thinks he is. A dangerous power puncher that has caught the bad end of two fights, but has learned from them and will continue to dominate. I’m going with what I originally thought when this fight was made. I like Matthysse to win a Unanimous decision with a knockdown or two over Peterson. It’s not a confident pick by any means, but I’m sticking with it.  



The next fight, the co-main event, isn’t so difficult to predict. Devon Alexander vs Lee Purdy. I believe that Alexander’s speed will be too much for a slow Purdy who will never even get close to him. I pick Alexander by UD. Speed is the only detail I need to predict this fight.



Here’s another fight that is interesting. Phil Lo Greco vs Shawn Porter. This is probably a toss-up fight. Both fighters throw quick punches, they both throw powerful combinations, and they both like to bang on the inside. I wouldn’t be surprised to see some knockdowns, and even a fight of the year type fight. Perhaps even a spectacular KO going to either fighter. The throw hard and both understand that winning this fight can lead to a very good path against Golden Boy’s top 147 pound for pound fighters.  I’m going with Lo Greco on this one. Porter is perhaps the favorite, but something tells me Lo Greco pulls this off by KO.

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