Golden Boy ready for fall, let the mix-matching games begin

            As some of Golden Boy’s top fighters close out the Spring in fashion and style, Richard Schaefer remains hard at work as he has wasted no time in matching up some of the top fighters in Golden Boy’s stable for the fall of 2013. With victories coming from Floyd Mayweather, Canelo Alvarez, Amir Khan, Danny Garcia, Lucas Matthysse, along with the return of Miguel Cotto, Schaefer is already matching up his fall fights. With so many fighters at his disposal, and more fights coming up in June, the boxing fans are going to be in for some huge fall and winter fights to close out the 2013 year. So what are we looking at when September hits and December ends?

            Ideally, if everything works according to plan with Golden Boy, they want to match up Floyd Mayweather vs Canelo Alvarez, Lucas Matthysse vs Danny Garcia, and Amir Khan vs Devon Alexander for their three main fights to close out the year. These are the fights that will perhaps be under the demand of most fans, and fights that can set up the early months of 2014. But those aren’t the only fights out there, and there are still some June fights left for Golden Boy that can be mixed into that. Marco Maidana and Joseito Lopez are squaring off against each other on June 8th, and Adrien Broner vs Paulie Malignaggi is taking place on June 22nd. There’s been little said about what happens after those fights. The winners of those two fights can end up meeting each other in the fall as well. Peterson and Judah are also in the mix, and there is even the possibility of bringing back Sugar Shane Mosley after his win over Cano over the weekend. Then there is Miguel Cotto. Yes, the fights seem limitless right now from 140-154 for Golden Boy.

            As it stands, September 14th is the biggest day. Floyd Mayweather will be fighting that day no matter what from what everyone has been told. The rumors about Mayweather facing Khan next are untrue as of right now. The only fight that is being discussed for Floyd is Canelo at this moment. That is the fight they are trying to make on September 14th. And if Schaefer is one to be believed then the negotiations seem to be going well, with the hot topic of weight conflicts to make the fight not being the issue that everyone thinks it is. If that is indeed the case then there should be no problem in making Mayweather-Canelo. With that done the other fights should fall into place the way Golden Boy plans on it with Matthysse-Garcia taking place on September 7th and Khan vs Alexander taking place in December. If the Mayweather-Canelo fight doesn’t go through, then there is a whole lot of mixing and matching that will be going on.

Mayweather-Canelo can be stopped on weight issues or there is a small chance that Golden Boy waits on Mayweather-Canelo until next May. Many believe the event could even be bigger then. By waiting till May they can promote the fight for at least six months and hype it up to be the big event that everyone wants it to be. Not that it wouldn’t be big in September, or that the date change would make any difference in the PPV buys, but some do believe that it could and Golden Boy could want that extra couple months to help get the fight as big as they can. If this was the case, or the weight did become an issue, that would most likely put Canelo up against Miguel Cotto in the fall. If that happens, everything else gets tricky. Here is the complicated breakdown of what could happen.

            If Canelo-Cotto takes place in the fall then Mayweather would be most likely be taking on Danny Garcia, Devon Alexander, or Amir Khan on September 14th. Any one of those fights, changes the other ones. Sort of like a domino effect. If Mayweather-Garcia were to happen, Matthysse would be left with no opponent. He would most likely have to face the winner of one of the June fights, either Broner-Malignaggi or Maidana-Lopez. If Mayweather-Alexander were to happen, Khan would be left out, and vice versa. But again, let’s not forget the Broner-Malignaggi winner or the Maidana-Lopez winner. If Mayweather were to fight Garcia, Matthysse could end up facing the Maidana/Lopez winner. If Mayweather were to fight Khan, then Alexander could be up against the Broner/Malignaggi winner. If Mayweather were to fight Alexander, then Khan could end up facing the Broner/Malignaggi winner, or someone else. There is also Shane Mosley and even Shawn Porter that can get thrown into this mix. It can all get very confusing but in a good way. Since I’m not Richard Schaefer, this is mostly speculation based on weights and dates that Golden Boy is looking at, and I don’t have any real idea as to how he mixes all these fighters up against each other if he doesn’t get the fights he’s hoping for. The one thing I do know is that Golden Boy has a lot of fighters that can step in to make some intriguing match ups.

             No matter which way this comes tumbling down the fans can expect some great fights in the fall. Right now, the main matchups seem set. Mayweather-Canelo, Matthysse-Garcia, and Khan-Alexander. This is what we will call plan A for Schaefer. Plan B would be mixing them up in other ways that are not just too complicated for us to guess, but for Schaefer to begin to figure out how to do it. If his plan A works, then the fans are in for an exciting Fall as they were in the Spring. If not, then we will still get some huge matchups at the end of this year that will no doubt continue into the beginning of 2014 as well. 

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