Mike Alvarado likely to return in the Fall in Denver

After avenging the only loss of his career in March against Brandon Rios (31-1,1 23 KO's), Mike Alvarado (34-1, 23 KO's) is looking to make a fall return in his hometown in Denver, CO. Alvarado was in line to face Manny Pacquiao in Macau in the fall but that fight was given to Brandon Rios due to a hand injury that Bob Arum felt was too much of a risk to put Alvarado up against Pacquiao just in case he had to pull out. There was also an issue about who Pacquiao preferred to face. While Arum was hoping Alvarado would face Pacquiao next because of his win over Brandon Rios, Pacquiao wanted to face Rios instead. The injury to Alvarado's hand seemed to be enough for Arum to give into Pacquiao's wishes.

Alvarado still wants to fight in the fall and expects his hand to be good to go. There hasn't been a mention of an opponent yet for the Denver fighter, but the fight is going to be the first huge fight in Denver since Stevie Johnston fought there over ten years ago. Alvarado's team is very excited to be showcasing him in Denver. It won't be his first fight in his hometown, however with the national exposure that he has gotten for facing Rios, along with the involvement of HBO, it will be the biggest stage he has ever had in his hometown and possibly the biggest Denver has ever seen for a boxing match.

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