Broner-Malignaggi winner likely to get Maidana

After his spectacular TKO win over Joseito Lopez Saturday night it looks as though Richard Schaefer is already planning Marcos Maidana's next fight for the fall. While the looming questions always seems to revolve around making Matthysse vs Maidana, Golden Boy has different plans for both fighters. 

"The Broner-Malignaggi winner vs Maidana? Oh my God, now that would be exciting." said Schaefer Saturday night after the Maidana-Lopez fight. "That would be an amazing match-up."

While it's no Matthysse-Maidana, it is perhaps in the best interest of both fighters that they go their seperate ways for now. Right now Matthysse is fighting at 140 while Maidana has made the move to 147. Golden Boy has plenty of fighters in both weight classes to keep each one of them busy, and with exciting fights as well. Matthysse is in line to face Garcia next, which Schaefer said could be done as early as this week. Maidana will be put on hold to face the Broner-Malignaggi winner. Most fans aren't giving Malignaggi a chance in the fight leading to the idea that Broner vs Maidana could be happening as early as October. The fight would be another big test for Adrien Broner, whom many compare to Floyd Mayweather in terms of not just boxing skills but personality as well. 

A possible Broner-Maidana match-up is an exciting fight on paper. Broner loves to bang on the inside as well as box, and surely he is bound to get into some inside battles with the hard hitting Maidana. Should Malignaggi pull the upset, a Malignaggi-Maidana fight would be an intriguing boxer vs puncher fight. Either way Maidana will be ready for both.

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