Garcia And Wilder Leave More Questions Than Answers

It was the ending that Golden Boy didn't want, not for two of their upcoming stars that they are trying to showcase to the world as the next big things in boxing. Instead of glimmering the fans with stunning fashion last night both Danny Garcia and Deontay Wilder left more questions for the fans than they did answers. Yes, both kept there undefeated records in tact. But Garcia shouldn't have, and fans think that Wilder's opponent Malik Scott either took a dive or was so scared of Wilder's power that he didn't even try to fight him. 

Let me go on record first saying these two things. One, I thought Herrera gave Garcia a beating. I don't even think Garcia came close in winning that fight. Some people were saying that 114-114 was acceptable. I don't even agree with that. You have a case in giving Garcia five rounds with only four that maybe he clearly won. The rest was dominated by Herrera. His only flaw is that his lack of power took away from alot of his landed punches therefore making it seem as though he wasn't being effective. However, that shouldn't have taken away from the fact that he landed more clean punches and outworked Garcia the entire fight.

Second, I think Wilder landed two clean punches that not only surprised Scott but stunned him badly. He didn't take a dive nor was he just giving "his friend" the victory. Scott has sparred Wilder before and he knows how dangerous he is. I believe he was just trying to move around and get some of Wilder's timing down but got caught well before he had a chance to get anything going. Wilder's power is very scary. He could be considered a freak of nature. It doesn't matter who you fight in the professional game of boxing. When you can have 31 fights with 31 knockouts and none of them end up going past the fourth round, that is something that credit should be given. What I think though does't matter. It's what the fans think that counts and last night they feel that they were robbed in that fight too. 

In the case of both Garcia and Wilder fans are skeptical. Last night only raised that skepticism more. There were two things that fans and media wanted to see last night that they didn't get to. They wanted to see Danny Garcia be raised to a superstar status with a dominant performance against a tough fighter, and possibly line up a Mayweather showdown. And they wanted to see Deontay Wilder against a formidable foe that would take him into the later rounds to see what he was really made of. Neither of those happened, and to make it even worse, both fights ended controversial in the eyes of the fans. 

There is a light at the end of the tunnel for both of these fighter's though. Wilder is going to get a shot at the winner of Stiverne-Arreola. Neither guy is a pushover and regardless of who wins it should be a fight that if Wilder is able to win, give him at least some credit among the fans and media. I for one think Wilder is the real deal and that Scott was a more than worthy opponent but I still wonder about his ability to go late into a fight. The Stiverne-Arreola winner should provide Wilder a test that fans will accept even if he KO's them in the first round. A fight with Wladimir Klitchsko is likely to take place if Wilder wins his next fight so either way he's in a position to make believers out of the doubters. 

For Garcia, the saying "you're only as good as your last fight" is going to haunt him for the next couple months. While he has been praised for the last six months with his win over Lucas Matthysse he's about to know what it feels like to have the opposite of that. He will be ridiculed, bashed, and everything he did against Lucas Matthysse to make the fans believe in him will be washed away. However, he plans on moving up to 147 where the big names are. This could be a good thing for him. Beating someone worthy in the welterweight division will likely get fans back on the bandwagon. I think it's important for him to move up and get a fight as quick as possible so that he can gain some of the credibility that he lost last night.

It's not going to be easy for either guy. It's hard to make believers out of people but it's not impossible. Just ask Timothy Bradley. People will gain respect for both of these fighter's as their careers go on. They just have to keep doing what they are doing. I think it will be easier for Wilder, but Garcia is no chump. He's where he is for a reason. While I thought he clearly lost last night it's not his fault the judges messed up. He's obviously not going to admit defeat. Regardless, it keeps the fans wanting to see more of both guys. In the end that's all that really matters.

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