Mayweather-Maidana dispute over gloves, Mayweather threatens to pull out

As if there hasn't been enough controversy following Floyd Mayweather over the last week. The fight is just one day away and yet another problem has occurred, however this time it actually has to do with the fight itself. Mayweather's team has advised numerous outlets that if Marcos Maidana doesn't agree to change the MX Everlast gloves that he has chose to wear for tomorrow night's fight then the fight is off.

The MX gloves are known to have padding that can cause cuts easier. Also there is less padding in the glove. Numerous fighter's on twitter said that the gloves just aren't safe to use. However the MX Everlast gloves were approved by the Nevada State Athletic Commission for the fight. 

Just moments ago it was reported by Michael Woods from The Sweet Science and ESPN that Richard Schaefer has said the problem will be solved. The MX Everlast gloves that Maidana was going to use were custom made and because of that they were not approved by the NSAC Commission and he will be switching his gloves for tomorrow night's fight. The details are being worked out with both camps involved. The NSAC did say that they would allow Maidana to use the MX Everlast glove however they could not be the custom made ones that he was planning on wearing.   

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