Monday Morning Thoughts: Mayweather, Khan, Chavez-Golovkin, and more

As often in the aftermath of a Floyd Mayweather fight weekend many questions arise as to what is going to be next for the pound for pound king of boxing. Fans will speculate, rumors will begin, and the buzz around his next fight is sure to grow after looking vulnerable for the first time since 2007. Floyd Mayweather wasn’t the only interesting development in boxing over the weekend though. Here are the my thoughts on some of the developments that happened over the weekend. 


Floyd Mayweather gets a tough test:


It may have been the hardest fight of Floyd Mayweather’s career. Maidana came in with a plan that consisted of throwing a lot of punches, bullying, holding, and roughing up Mayweather every way he possibly could. It seemed to be the blueprint to beat him but to keep that up for 12 rounds requires an abnormal amount of conditioning. Maidana did his best, and despite his perfect game plan Mayweather still seemed to figure him out somewhere in the middle of the fight. The fans loved it and the controversy surrounding the outcome has finally sparked some interest in Mayweather’s next fight that doesn’t involve the name Manny Pacquiao.


What’s next for Mayweather:


Rematch? I expect it. They were having a hard time finding opponents that would generate some buzz for this May fight. There was speculation that Floyd may not even fight in September because of it. Floyd talked retirement, claimed he was bored, and didn’t seem to want to continue fighting. This fight has likely sparked a new flame in him. They have an opponent that will sell, and it’s a easy fight to make again. 


Is Julio Cesar Chavez Jr vs Gennady Golovkin dead:


Not yet, though it’s not looking good. Arum has reportedly been calling Chavez Jr multiple times a day trying to get him to sign this contract. Chavez Jr has no issue in signing it to fight Golovkin, but his issue resides in having to sign a contract extension with Top Rank. Over the weekend Golovkin’s promoter Tom Loeffler said he was tired of waiting and that he will look to new opponents for Golovkin to face. Scare tactic? Maybe, but part of Loeffler is serious. Tom says that if Chavez Jr signs within the next few days they are all good to go but that his time is running out. Today, Loeffler wants to start exploring other options


Amir Khan looked good:


I never felt Collazo posed a real threat to Khan the way every one else did. Sure, every time Khan fights he runs the risk of getting knocked out. Collazo’s win over Ortiz shadowed who he really was, a come forward brawler with not a lot of punching power but a difficult style to deal with. Khan’s speed was too much and credit to him for putting on the beating that he did because most people thought it was a 50/50 fight. The fans will still complain that Khan doesn’t deserve a Mayweather fight. Good thing he won’t get it this year anyways. Ramadan makes him unavailable for September anyways meaning Khan has one more fight to prove he deserves Mayweather. It better be someone good if he wants people to believe he can beat Mayweather next year. 


Adrien Broner…:


There’s selling yourself and there is being an idiot. Broner is closer towards the idiot part of that. His shot at Mexicans outraged the fans. His post-fight interview was a classless act to say the least. He looked awful against Molina. Golden Boy has two options, try to build him up by giving him another Carlos Molina type opponent or just throw him in with someone like Lucas Matthysse and see if he steps up to the occasion. I like the Matthysse option. When you have someone like Broner in your stable the best thing you can do is put him up against the best. He lacks training and discipline. There is only one way to teach that. Make him fight the best instead of giving him non-threatening opponents. 


What’s up with Golden Boy Promotions:


One writer called it the Civil War. There probably isn't a more fitting term. Oscar De La Hoya and Richard Schaefer are at some serious odds over one issue, the Cold War. De La Hoya wants it to end and Schaefer is insisting he will never work with Arum again. Both sides have hired lawyers. De La Hoya in a press conference said that he doesn't want Schaefer to leave the company. He’s hoping that they can work it out. The end of the Cold War would mean the option for more fights that we can’t see, however if Al Haymon takes sides with Schaefer, these fighter’s that are signed to both Golden Boy and Haymon could have some serious problems on their hands. This thing is just getting started. 

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