Cotto 155 Martinez 158.8

The weigh-in's are in, the fight is official, and now we wait. Miguel Cotto tipped the scales at a very light 155 lbs earlier today as he prepares to try to be the first Puerto Rican ever to win four  world titles in four divisions by beating Sergio Martinez tomorrow night at Madison Square Garden in New York City. Serio Martinez came in at 158.8, just under the 159 catchweight limit that the fight was approved for. Martinez will be looking to show the world that age hasn't caught up to his boxing skills nor two knee surgies and lingering injuries that many people feel could play a big factor in this fight. Cotto looked very small next to the bigger Martinez at the weigh-ins as they took a long hard stare down that could have drawn goosebumps from the average fan. 

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