Carl Froch next fight decision looms

British Super Middleweight star Carl Froch (33-2, 24 KO's) is coming up on his own deadline in regards to what he is going to do for his next fight, if he chooses to fight again. Froch is entertaining the idea of facing the hard hitting middleweight Gennady Golovkin (33-0, 30 KO's), who in the last two years has become the most feared man in boxing. Froch is never one to duck from a challenge and has gone on record saying that being the underdog in such a fight is very intriguing to him.

Froch's other option is newly crowned IBF champion James DeGale (21-1, 14 KO's). DeGale is coming off an upset win over Anthony Dirrell. Froch didn't seem interested in fighting DeGale before his victory however the upset win over Dirrell may have sparked some interest. The fight could sell well in the UK.

He also has a third option. One that his fans would not like to hear. Retirement. Froch started his professional career in 2002. Since then he has built a great career with a resume filled of only the best fighter's in his weightclass. Many feel he has earned that right to retire if that is the path he chooses. But if you know Carl Froch, you have to think that he has one good fight left in him. Froch has said by mid June he will make his decision. Golovkin's side has been unusually quiet which could be a good thing.

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