Orlando Salido: I know his weakness

In a rematch of their Fight of the Year caliber fight earlier this year, Orlando Salido believes that this time around he will take our Roman Martinez when they square off at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, NV on September 12th. The fight will be shown on the televised PPV undercard of Mayweather-Berto. Salido suffered a unanimous decision loss in their first fight. Salido had this to say about the upcoming fight:

"Now I know his weaknesses, I am going to attack from the very first moment, I know what to do for the victory.

"I have to refocus mentally and physically, I'm not going to do much different other than to gain the victory this time

"I'm definitely going to regain this title for Mexico. I don't feel it. I know it.

"I am very happy we are fighting in a neutral territory for our rematch, not in Puerto Rico again. I was very prepared for the first fight but the referee wouldn't let me fight my fight. It seemed the referee was talking to me the whole 12 rounds. I was trying to focus only on my opponent, but I couldn't.

"I'm very excited about this fight. This is a very special month for Mexico and in particular because of that, I'm going to get this victory.

"There's always a very special rivalry between Mexico and Puerto Rico and I feel it, which is why I so badly want to win this title for Mexico."

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