Floyd Mayweather: My goal is to find another Floyd Mayweather

Floyd Mayweather's grand arrival at the MGM Grand is complete. And while the crowd was low, the media was scarce, and all the hype for Mayweather-Berto is all but dead, Floyd isn't overlooking his September 12th opponent:

"To become great, you have to follow greatness." Mayweather stated. "To become a great leader you have to be a great follower. I want every fighter to stay focused and on a parallel path. I've done a lot for this sport. Everyone used to be focused on heavyweights. My ultimate goal was to have everyone focus at whatever weight class I was, in my weight class. I've always been able to make noise at whatever weight class I was in. We want Andre to believe in himself and his skills."

"Every fighter that I've ever faced had the remedy to beat me, but the results have always been the same. I don't overlook anyone, he's a tough competitor, and we will just have to see what happens on Saturday. My ultimate goal is that we can find another Floyd Mayweather. When I turned professional I was a teenager and the MGM was Mike Tyson's building. I'm just blessed and I feel like I was dealt a royal flush."

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