David Lemieux: I want another chance

Despite losing every round on the official scorecards and being dominated in every aspect of the fight David Lemieux wants to take another crack at middleweight champion Gennady Golovkin. Lemieux was stopped in the 8th round of the fight when referee stopped the fight. Lemieux didn't appear to be hurt when the referee stopped the fight however he was taking some big shots.

“I feel like the referee called the fight too early." Lemieux stated. "I am fine. When he stopped it I wasn’t event on the mat, I can keep going. I have a lot of respect for Golovkin as a fighter. We prepared well for this fight but I feel like I waited too long to take some shots tonight and that really hurt me. I want another chance at Golovkin and I will take advantage of it."

After the fight the referee explained that it was the continuous punishment that made him finally step in and stop the fight:

"I had to do something. David is very competitive fighter and as long as he was able to throw punches he was going to keep on trying but his chances of winning were decreasing as the fight went on. Against a guy(golovkin) like that he was going to get really hurt and I'm here to protect the fighters health and that's my top priority "

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