Pacquiao postpones fight decision

Manny Pacquiao was supposed to make an announcement tonight on the truTV boxing card declaring who he will be facing next. However that will not be the case. Pacquiao's team has decided that they will need more time in order to make a decision. The postponement could be because of the negative outlash of the public on hearing that Pacquiao wanted to fight Timothy Bradley for a third time. As news outlets began to break stories that Pacquiao was likely to face Bradley for his final fight on April 9th the boxing fans responded with negativity. The other options are Amir Khan and Terence Crawford with Khan probably being the biggest fight out there for him.

There is also some speculation that Pacquiao is still trying to secure a rematch with Floyd Mayweather and may be trying to contact them to see if they can have a rematch. That remains a distant option. Pacquiao could make a decision within the next week or two.

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