50 Cent excited for Friday Night Fights, says Mayweather 'avoided' Pacquiao

50 cent has had numerous interviews over the last few days in regards to his first promotional boxing show that will feature his fighter, Billy Dib in the main event.

"I am excited about Friday night. This has been an amazing partnership with Lou and it has been an amazing process for me." Said 50 Cent who will be seeing his first complete show as a promoter. This isn't the last time we will see 50 and Lou together. 

"I can only see great things for him in this sport." Stated Dibella. "I just wanted to say it's been a real pleasure to work with him and his company. There are alot of haters out there. No one has rolled out the red carpet for 50 Cent." Lou isn't lying there. 50 Cent took alot of criticism as he first entered the promoter game, which lead to a fallout with best friend Floyd Mayweather who claimed 50 Cent was trying to work behind his back to get rid of Al Haymon. However, Jackson has overcome the initial wrath and now looks to do big things in the sport. 

"I believe by combing the right elements we can bring back that younger demographic to this sport, and that is something we are working on constantly. To be in Billy's camp and see the sacrifices he makes everyday really gives you a new appreciation for the sport. The level of the actual talent involved in promotion is exciting to me and excites me for what the future of the sport has to hold for me."

50 went on to First Take as well where Skip Bayless didn't shy away from asking him if he thought Mayweather was scared of Manny Pacquiao. "I don't think he's scared of him. He's not scared of anyone. He avoided the fight for business reasons. These days it's about business, not actually about taking the toughest fight. He did actually want to fight Pacquiao right before he went to jail." When Skip asked who he thought would win the fight, 50 Cent stuck to his guns. "Floyd. He's gifted. You can't argue that." Another thing that can't be argued is 50 Cent's dedication to the sport. He's here to stay, and his theology that boxing needs to be brought back to the kids growing up these days, is the best I've heard yet. It's actually doing it that is the hard part

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