Our Story

It all started in 1998 when my father rented a warehouse to Casals Boxing Club. The passion for the sport grew over the years hanging out in the club and learning to fight. I started working there learning the trade of trainer / coach.

During my college years I learn web programming. As my passion for both web and boxing grew I found it difficult to find a place on the Internet for all the boxing schedule in one place. Boxing is not like any other sport. There is no one organization that controls the sport like NFL, NBA..etc. It was hard finding what boxing was going to be on TV that night or weekend. I decided to build my own boxing schedule.

Originally BoxSch.com (2006) a website for all the boxing schedules on TV and around the world. Later I purchased the domain FightNights.com and started our news section. Over the past 10 years I’ve established myself and the website as a boxing news source, fight schedule, and fighter record database. We interview fighters, promoters and industry leaders in the sport of boxing. As our team has become more established in the sport and built a strong reputation we are invited to cover major HBO, Showtime, PBC, and CBS boxing events all over the country. We've been on TV as unofficial ringside judges.

We LOVE to talk Boxing especially on our verified @Boxing twitter account. We talk to everyone. And yes we even take a lot of abuse..LOL.

We even own a boxing club in Niagara Falls NY. If you're in town come check out the boxing club and FightNights.com office @ 2403 Hyde Park Blvd Niagara Falls NY 14305. When the CBS boxing crew comes into town they workout at our boxing gym.

If you're at the fights look for us ringside in the press row and come say hi!

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Office & Boxing Club: 2403 Hyde Park Blvd Niagara Falls NY 14305 - Phone: 716.299.8797

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