Zou Shiming impresses in and outside the ring

In the professional debut of the highly regarded Zou Shiming, Shiming won his first fight as a pro, and an estimated 300 million people got to see it. Despite the main event only being a four round bout the people of China showed up, and watched on television, as they supported their boxing hero in his first fight. Shiming, a two time Olympic gold medalist, proved to the world that he was worth that 300k payday as he brought millions of fans and people to watch. It may not have been huge in the United States, or even known, but Shiming's following in China is perhaps the biggest yet in regards to a country backing their fighter. Don't expect Shiming to make his US debut for quite sometime, but expect him to make tons of money and fans for many years to come as he moves through the professional ranking. The day will come where Shiming will have to draw fans in other parts of the world. Right now though, he's perfect where he is.

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