Zab Judah explodes at press conference

I’m not sure you have to be a fan of Zab Judah or Danny Garcia to appreciate what happened at the final press conference today at the Barclay’s Center. I’m not even sure you have to be a fan of boxing. In fact, the pure pleasure of loving entertainment would be reason enough just to watch the beginning of the press conference where Zab Judah finally took the podium.

After the undercard was presented, along with the champion Danny Garcia and his team, most notably his controversial father Angel Garcia, Zab Judah was finally ‘allowed’ to take the stage. Judah claimed he was locked in the basement for nearly two hours as he was forced to wait for Danny Garcia and his team to exit the conference before they were allowed out.

“In seventeen years of boxing, I’ve never been treated like this. I was locked in a basement with no food or water. I was told I had to wait for Danny Garcia and his team to be done. What is that?” Said the angry Judah. Judah was so mad that he even took a shot at his own promoter Oscar De La Hoya. “Get away from me.” He yelled as Oscar tried to announce him with a handshake. “You’re supposed to be a professional, you’re a professional promoter. Get your facts straight.” Zab was mad at Oscar for calling him ‘unprofessional’ for interrupting Danny Garcia’s signing yesterday. Judah claims he was there to support his fellow Brooklyn fighter Kid Chocolate and Danny Jacobs.

“I’m ready. This just gives me motivation for tomorrow night. The way I was treated today, they are going to feel it tomorrow. Everyone is going to feel it.” After calming down and answering a few questions, Judah relaxed, just a tad.  “No disrespect to Oscar, but I just needed to say what was on my mind.” 

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