Mayweather draws 1.7 million viewers

The show "Mayweather" that aired on CBS Saturday night at 8:00pm ET generated around 1.7 million viewers. "Mayweather" was a one hour documentary that showed the life of Floyd Mayweather growing up through both his amatuer and professional boxing career. The ratings were considered low as far as the time slot and amount of viewers compared to previous weeks in that slot. However, having close to two million viewers for a sport that supposedly is dead in the country isn't a bad thing. CBS and Showtime have been spending countless hours trying to promote this fight on both networks in the hopes that it can draw some buzz around the country among non-boxing fans but it doesn't seem like they have been as successful as they have hoped. The show "All-Access" has generated horrible ratings. The only way to truly know though is to see how many people buy Mayweather-Guerrero Saturday night.

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