Fury calls out Velasquez, Dana White responds

Tyson Fury, a man known never to be short on words, took another shot at Cain Velasquez as he gets ready for his fight against David Haye. Fury said that after he destroys Haye, he wants Velasquez next in the cage.

"I want to fight him in the cage. No joke" Fury said. "I'm going to call him out after I beat Haye. It's going to be on HBO so the whole country can hear it." 

News of Fury's words reached the ears of UFC president Dana White, who didn't hold back from interest in the fight.

"I would love to see Cain smash that fool." White responded. "He would last about as long as James Toney did."

No one knows if the fight will ever truly happen but right now it seems to be more hype than anything. Fury has put his name on the map all across the fighting game with his outside ring antics. Last month he was taking shots at former heavyweight champion Lennox Lewis on twitter. Fury is building the name fast, but one of these days he's going to have to back it up. David Haye is coming up, and he's no easy task.

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