Jacobs-Quillin Breakdown and Prediction

The middleweight title is on the line tonight when WBA champion Danny Jacobs (30-1, 27 KO's) will step into the ring with the highly talented Peter Quillin (32-0-1, 23 KO's). For both fighters, a victory will put them at the top of the division alongside the likes of Gennady Golovkin and Saul Canelo Alvarez. It's a fight that has more than just a title at stake. It has middleweight recognition for the winner. It's also a true 50/50 fight, with oddsmakers in Vegas having Jacobs at +125 and Quillin at -155. Both fighters are considered A level fighters, yet each time each fighter has made a major step up, there has been a disappointing result. For Jacobs, it was a KO loss to the hard hitting undefeated Dmitry Pirog back in 2010. For Quillin, it was a draw to veteran Andy Lee earlier this year, a fight that many thought he would win convincingly. Those results make it even harder to pick the winner of this fight.


Both fighter's can box. Both fighter's have good jabs. Both fighter's have power. Both fighter's have questionable chins when facing power punchers. The evenness of this matchup is almost scary. Both of their strengths are the same, and both of their weaknesses are the same. Someone is going to have to have the better jab, someone is going to have to box better, and someone is going to have to land some big punches. Which fighter is going to be that guy? The truth is....I don't know. Jacobs might have a slightly better jab. Quillin's chin may be slightly better. Jacob's may have slightly more power. Quillin may be slightly the better boxer. In terms of evenness it doesn't get much closer. I can see a fight where both fighter's feel each other's power early, and therefore are afraid to engage causing alot of boring moments throughout the fight. I can also see a fight where each fighter gets dropped a few times. I can see a boxing match where both fighters use the jab alot but are timid to through anything else in the fear of getting caught with a big shot. If somehow this fight gets on the inside then someone is getting dropped. I don't see a fight where they both sit on the inside and exchange. I see a fight where both fighter's try to outbox the other. I see one fighter going down once, if not both. The winner in my eyes will be the guy that jabs better, moves better, and is able to land the bigger punches while at the same time not getting KO'ed by one.


Everything about me says Peter Quillin has the slight advantage. I thought he looked bad against Lee and Rosado though. Jacob's has had a resurgence. With all the power involved it's almost guaranteed someone gets knocked out...which is why it'll go to a decision. Boxing is weird like that. For some reason that I have no idea why, I'm going with Jacobs.


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