Adrien Broner says he is finished with boxing, going back to the street life

Adrien Broner is finished with boxing and going back to the street life apparently.

Broner (33-4-1, 24 KOs), 29, of Cincinnati, was handily defeated by Manny Pacquiao last month in a secondary welterweight world title fight.

And despite informing the media after the fight that he was returning to the gym to prepare for his next bout, Broner, who has previously posted messages on his social media pages that indicated he was contemplating suicide, implied that he was finished with boxing.

"I am done with boxing and this fake ass business," Broner wrote. "I will DIE a real nigga before I let an mf (mother f*****) f*** me over or play me!!!!!! #Back2DaStreetz #NoCap."

The often-troubled Broner, nicknamed "The Problem," is facing plenty of them outside of the ring.

Broner has been arrested twice stemming from a Dec. 7, 2017, speeding incident. He was jailed for having no driver's license, registration, or proof of insurance.

Broner is also facing two separate allegations of sexual misconduct in two states.

Broner was busted last February in Atlanta for allegedly groping a woman at a shopping mall. Then in June, Broner was arrested again in Cleveland for allegedly getting on top of a woman and forcibly kissing her.

In September 2016, felony assault and aggravated robbery charges against Broner were dropped when the accuser failed to show up in court. The charges stemmed from an incident earlier in the year when Broner allegedly assaulted a man and robbed him of $12,000 at gunpoint outside of a Cincinnati bowling alley. Broner reportedly lost a game of high-stakes betting on bowling games, knocked the man out unconscious outside the establishment, and took the money. It was unclear if Broner was wearing his bowling shoes at the time of the incident.

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