The future face of Dominican boxing: Carlos Adames

A massive change is about to happen in the Dominican boxing world thanks to Carlos Adames! Jean Carlos Lopez, Mariano Diaz Mejia or Cayetano Bonnin Vasquez are famous Soccer players from the Dominican Republic who bring great pride for the country. However, the list of Dominican boxers isn’t so long and Carlos Adames wants to modify this aspect.

"I want to show that the Dominican Republic fighters have the same skills, and I want to be the fighter that demonstrates that."

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Coming back to Adames, who is going to face Frank Galarza Saturday night in a middleweight match for juniors at Madison Square Garden. This fight is part of the Amir Khan-Terence Crowford undercard. With this match, Adames wishes to prove that the Dominican Republic can produce talented figures.

"I just want to demonstrate and show everything that I have as a fighter to the people. Being from the Dominican Republic, I want to make history like the Mexican fighters like Canelo [Alvarez], or any other big fighter.”

This fight that takes place on Saturday night is a true opportunity for the Dominican boxer to show his competence to the whole world. Also, it’s his first camp under Robert Garcia, the one who coaches Vergil Ortiz, Mikey Garcia or Jose Ramirez.

"Adames is one of those talented guys like Joan Guzman, Argenis Mendez," Garcia said. "The only difference is that he has a lot more power. ... His power is insane. It's something you don't see often."

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