Top 10 College Scholarship Programs for Young Boxers

Boxing scholarships for college are an opportunity to get higher education for free while doing your favorite sport at the highest level. Scholarships might have different requirements such as your grades, a resume, a letter of recommendation. Furthermore, sometimes students are asked to write a covering letter. So that not to lose this education opportunity you can ask any essay writing service from usa to help you complete your scholarship application. Boxing is an important part of some institution systems in the United States. For example, the USA provides its students with many different scholarships in physical development.

Students are offered fully equipped sports and gymnasiums, courts, courses, swimming pools and other elements of sports infrastructure. So you can end up receiving a college boxing scholarship and go to a college that has a boxing team. By contacting capstone writing services, you will get a successful motivational letter.

In this article, we will try to advise and provide you with the available boxing scholarships and check the top 10 colleges that have boxing programs.

1. Ira Mitzner Boxing Scholarship

This is one of the most prestigious and highest-paid scholarships of all times in the USA. Ira Mitzner was a great boxer who thought that boxing brings peace and calmness in his mind. If you think you have boxing running in your blood, try the $10,000 Ira Mitzner award.

2. Eastern Collegiate Boxing Association

Eastern Collegiate Boxing Association is one of the famous associations to provide boxing scholarships. The Eastern Collegiate Boxing Association is mainly the combination of Plemmons and McChesney. Their finances and interest can now help you with your tuition fees.

3. Exceptional Youth Scholarship

If you are a boxing enthusiast and finding it hard to pay your college fees, apply for the Exceptional Youth Scholarship. This scholarship is awarded to students who are exceptionally talented in their field. 10 high school students are selected for a one-time scholarship of $5,000 each.

4. American Association for the Improvement of Boxing

This scholarship aims at helping amateur boxers. The AAIB has helped various ground-level students who are hard-working and motivated. In 2014 and 2015, 6 and 14 scholarships were awarded respectively. Your tuition, books and other educational expenses will be covered by AAIB. You can also get extra help while studying and pay someone to do your assignment in Australia to have more time doing sports.

5. The United States Intercollegiate Boxing Association

The USIBA is the prime governing body in the USA. It was formed in 2012 which helps to create a friendly and exciting environment for boxing. Women’s boxing championship was also started by USIBA. If you are a young amateur boxer looking for scholarships, USIBA is the one to help you.

6. Wisconsin LBC Scholarship

Schooling is an important aspect for any person. When you are an athlete this importance triples since a degree helps you to get secure jobs. If you are a boxer of the local boxing committee at Wisconsin, apply for this $500 scholarship. Complete your school and have a great future ahead.

7. USA Boxing Scholarship

The tuition fee in the USA is one of the most challenging things for students and parents. If you are a USA boxing athlete and need assistance with your college, the USA boxing scholarships are here to help you. They have two trade school awards for $2,000 each, 7 undergraduate awards for $3,000 each, and 2 graduate-level awards for $2,500. If boxing is your dream, leave the finances on them.

8. EC Krebs Boxer Spirit Award

This college boxing scholarships award is special as it is awarded to the students who are in need. Apart from your boxing interests, your background, passion, the financial needs will determine whether you will get the scholarship or not. If you think you can make this world a better place with your boxing talent, this $500-$3000 award is for you.

9. Irish Athletic Third-level Boxing Association

The Irish Athletic Boxing Association has pledged to help young boxers like you. They provide special grants depending on the club and community you are a part of. The scholarship programs and grants can help you with your career as boxing or help you with your further education studies. If you are a part of the Irish Athletic Boxing Association and you are a talented boxer, apply for our special grants now.

10. Heisman Scholarship

Heisman is here to help you with your dream of becoming an A-level athlete and also study at a good college without thinking about paying off any loans. If you are determined, skilled, and passionate, this is the best chance for you. The scholarships range from $500 to $5,000. National winners are eligible for $5,000, national finalists get $1,000 and state winners are entitled to $500 scholarships for college.

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