Beginner’s Guide for Fallout: New Vegas

Even though it was launched back in 2010 for X-Box, Windows and PS3, Fallout: New Vegas is one of the most incredible post-apocalyptic role-playing action video games to date. This world-famous title was developed by Obsidian Entertainment and published by Bethesda Softworks, and since its release a decade ago, a lot of players still ask questions about it to date.

Fallout: New Vegas is one of those types of games that take a lot of your time, and irrespective of how many hours you put in, if you don’t really know what you’re doing, you will hardly make any significant progress. But then, when you do understand what’s going on, you’ll easily play the game to completion and keep coming back for more just for the fun of it. You can compare the thrill of this immersive video game to playing in online casino Canada sites where you can have a good time in your favorite gambling games for hours and hours without a hint of getting bored.

Well, if you’ve been trying to figure out your way around this exceptional video game, here are a few pointers that will slingshot you to pro-level gameplay without much struggle. Let’s go!

Creation of Character

Developing a basic character in Fallout: New Vegas is simple, but developing a great character is somewhat complicated. Despite the fact every special stat in the game can boost skills, we'll concentrate on the basic non-skill perks that offer you an edge in overall mission completion. They are:


Strength adds to your transporting volume and also offers you the capacity to use heavy artillery such as big rifles and rocket launchers. So, a 4 to 6 will suffice.


Perception is used for accuracy. A standard level for this is okay, but for taking faster shots with higher accuracy, you have to be aiming for above average, and thus, a 5 to 6 will be enough.


This one is for overall self-sustainability, i.e. health as well as radioactivity resistance. Here, a typical number 5 will work fine, but you must be smart with your endurance as it will ensure you have a flexible build that boosts the number of skill-points you receive every time you level up.


This stat boost action points, weapon holstering, drawing, and even the reload speed. For this, having a high number is better. A 7 will be fine, especially if you use energy armaments or guns.

Charisma and Luck

For these two stats, having them low is better. While setting them both at 1 would be okay, the Luck stat ought should instead be set at two, given that it offers a resultant benefit of adding a +1 to every other stat.

Tag Skills

When it comes to tag skills, the tags on all sides are guns, speech and lockpick. Guns are the most common, and there are other more locked items than hackable PCs. Moreover, there are speech and barter options, with the former coming with a broader variety of options. But then, barter comes with great benefits because it helps you with both buying and selling.

There are also bonuses known as traits, but they are accompanied by downsides. You can, however, fight the downsides easily, considering that numerous perks fight them. The most excellent trait for any given field is good-natured, which will reduce each combat skill by five and boost each non-combat skill by five.

From Goodsprings to Nipton

Remember to break into Doc Mitchel’s home and steal from him. You’ll find a laser pistol, together with ammunition, food, medicine, clothes, a submachine gun, and so much more. As soon as you’re done with character creation, head to the saloon from where you'll have loads of ammunition for your varmint rifle.

Now get back to the saloon where you'll have a chat with Joe Cobb so that you can get the coordinates of the NCR correction facility. Additionally, you’ll get a chance to fix the radio not only for some money but also reputation, then get things done in Goodspring. At Goodspring, you’ll contest Joe Cobb’s bunch of criminals so that you can receive some loot from them. Conversely, once you’re at Nipton, you’ll have to kill a mister gutsy so that you can loot from a house.

After Nipton, you’ll head to Novac and to Vegas, where you’ll get through a battlefield, bumping into several raiders, NCR personnel, caravans, Caesar’s Legion Troops, and so on. Your aim is unlocking New Vegas, the heart of the game where you can delve into the vaults and put raiders to sleep.

Piece of Advice

Loot as much as you can because looting comes with more advantages than you can imagine, including Strength and Vigor, Explorer, which shows every location, and Quick Metabolism, which allows for more efficient stimpaks. Now, put your wit into it as you play and you’ll surely ace this awesome game and have a gigantic amount of fun as you do it!

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