Why Rolly Romero Thinks George Kambasos Will Lose His Next Fights?

Sean Jones wrote the article: Rolando "Rolly" Romero predicts that the undisputed light heavyweight champion George Kambosos Jr. will lose ALL his titles during his next fight and be beltless.

Rolly believes that Kambosos could have his fame-making 15 minutes end when he defends his four straps in the beginning quarter of the following year.

Kambosos Will Continue to be Popular Even After He's Dismantled

It's not the end of the road for Kambosos when he loses his titles, and simply because he has won them will make him well-known long after being defeated by a fighter, which Rolly claims will happen when he fights again.

There's a professional aspect of boxing: after a fighter defeats a vital star and wins, the general public sees them as champions de facto. It does not matter if they've belts.

The fighter is considered an equivalent of champions to people who are not boxers but hardcore and casual fans.

For example, look at Ryan Garcia and David Benavidez. Both don't world champions, but they are given the same respect as world champions. There will be thousands of dollars bet on the players; crypto gambling has also given rise to betting. Hell, Benavidez is viewed as the #1 fighter at 168, even though Canelo Alvarez is the champion in the ring after defeating four champions on paper.

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What a massive waste of time and effort for Canelo to accumulate these titles, hoping that they would make him look good in the eyes of boxing fanatics.

Even with Rolly declaring that the 28-year-old Australian Kambosos is a one-hit-wonder, many boxing enthusiasts have already predicted it.

Kambosos declares he'd like to take on only the top fighters in his debut as a champion with four belts; however, it's difficult to envision who he could beat.

They would most likely defeat Kambosos in a way that isn't easy:

• Gervonta Davis

• Rolly Romero

• Ryan Garcia

• Devin Haney

• Shakur Stevenson

• Oscar Valdez

• Vasily Lomachenko

• Michel Rivera

Kambosos (20-0 10, 10 Kambosos (20-0, 10) stunned the world with his feat of defeating the WBO/IBF/WBA/WBC franchise champion Teofimo on the 27th of November in a thrilling match at New York.

In the beginning, it was viewed as a massive victory for Kambosos; however, it has since been discovered that he has been fighting a severe medical condition in the form of Teofimo, and it caused him to be unable to breathe.

Kambosos Rolly will lose all his belts. The Next Fight

"I'm required to wear Kambosos. No one cares about Kambosos," declared Rolly Romero via his social networks. "He's going to return them all to someone else in the next fight.

"People discuss Kambosos as if he's special. I can assure you that that, and it's heartbreaking to tell you, Kambosos isn't going to last for very long," said Rolly when he kept Kambosos at 100.

News "Devin Haney is set to walk in Kambosos" - - says Jojo Diaz

"Y'all can be sure to trust me because Rolly would never want to lie to you. Rolly cannot tell the truth to himself. This is my issue. I'm not honest enough," said Rolly.

It's challenging to disapprove of Rolly's prediction of losing his belts in his debut fight as a champion. If Kambosos does not change his desire to take on elite talent and lose, he's bound to be knocked down.

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