What is Round Betting in Boxing?

Betting in combat sports has become more popular now than ever as they seem to gain momentum. More people are becoming aware of the rules to understand the game better and have the ability to come up with a betting strategy. The federation has made more efforts to market the sport, so it makes sense that fight nights attract almost as much attention as a football game.

When one wants to place a wager on a match, there are terms to learn. Whether you want to bet on a round or the entire fight depends on your bankroll and how lucky you feel.

What is Round Betting in Boxing?

Round betting is based on the total rounds a boxer needs to overcome their opponent. Several combinations might be possible here, and you decide whether the fight ends in a knockout, and how long it lasts. One of the exciting things for the players is the ability to place bets on box within the online casino sites since they also have sportsbooks these days. The best, most secure, and trustworthy online casinos for a low risk experience might be found on the 1 dollar minimum deposit casino Australia reviews platform from the top experts. They provide odds that you may want to follow if they align with your research. The key to a successful experience is learning as much as possible before getting in on rounds.

You have the option to pick the specific round that the fight ends with the particular winner. If that comes to pass, you pocket the winnings, which is relatively straightforward and dependent on a few factors.

Round Betting Explained

To participate in this type of betting, you need to learn every possible bit of information about the fighter. Check out their history, the most recent fights, periods of rest, and how they have done against their current opponent to place a round. Typical boxing betting bouts have 4, 6, 8, 10, or 12 rounds, with 12 rounds being the norm when a title is at stake. In order to diversify your risk, place a few round bets for the same player.

To understand the round betting better, remember that you expect one of this events:

  • The round when the fight ends;

  • The fighter who wins.

Here is an example of a typical bet:

In a match between McGregor and Pacquiao, though retired, you believe Pacquiao will win the fight in the first or second rounds. So, here are typical odds for such fights:

Manny Pacquiao, Round 1 - 3.90

Manny Pacquiao, Round 2 - 3.40

If he wins as per these odds in the first round and you bet $100, you take home $390 in total, with the profit being $290. You also win if he takes it during the second round.

Wager Types

There are four types of gambling odds:

  • Method of victory;

  • Going the distance;

  • Exact round;

  • Total rounds.

Method of Victory

Three main methods determine how you place your bets:

  • KO/TKO;

  • Submission;

  • Judges’ decision.

The payout associated with the type is relatively high because these wagers are challenging to predict. If you predict precisely how it ends, you could make a killing.

Will the Fight Go the Distance?

With this sport, you bet on whether the fight goes until the end. Again, these wagers are quite difficult to nail, so only the luckiest of players may get it right and win a pretty handsome payout.

Exact Round

This bit is quite tricky as you are wagering on one of these two outcomes:

  • The winning fighter and the round;

  • The winning round with no specific winner.

Naturally, the first has a better payout as it is more difficult to predict than the second.

Grouped Round

These bets put together all the rounds you expect your preferred fighter to win. The types of bets are based on the fact that a typical boxing match lasts 12 rounds, and it takes some thinking for a bettor.

Total Number of Rounds (Over/Under)

You place your bets based on the rounds to suggest that the match goes all the way to where you believe it should end. Your payouts are based on all the winning bets.

Other Factors to Consider

There can also be a technical decision in boxing when the judge has to give the way forward. An unintentional headbutt can lead to such a decision while breaking the rules of the game leads to disqualification. This means that betting on the round does not have the same effect as the judges scorecards decide who takes the day. The professional bettors who work on reviews for casino minimum deposit 5 euro have underlined the possibility of this situation on many occasions. They also list secure sites that offer the best betting odds and low deposits.

Without any interference of rule-breaking, usual rounds last as they are intended - or as long as the opponents make them – and betting goes as it is meant to, with the participants deciding the outcome. Here are some rules you may want to know about the sport before betting on rounds. They are followed universally, and every sportsperson is expected to adhere to them.

  • Look at the fighter’s previous records. Have they been knocked out several times, or were they winning? The level of their careers is important: the new players are eager to build a brand and name, so they do anything to win bouts that will get them there as fast as possible.

  • Read into the styles of the fighters to have a feel of how the match ends.

  • Weight classes matter: the heavyweight fighters are likely to end it in a knockout or technical KO as they do not fight defensively.


Boxing is the ultimate spectator sport. Thanks to its unpredictable nature the fans from all over the world adore it. Some might even call it a special form of art, as it is not only strength that is needed. The real fighters must be focused, confident and technical.

Betting on boxing brings even more excitement. Placing a wager to guess the ending round is a game of pure chance. The main event in the game is a winner, so wait and hope for the best.

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