Guerrero vs Thurman - Preview - Tale of The Tape
By Quitano Wed, Mar 11 2015


NBC is bringing boxing action back to regular broadcast television and the boxing community is very... very happy. Not just any boxing but high quality matches and this March 7th’s Las Vegas fight card, headlined by Keith Thurman vs. Robert Guerrero is a perfect example.

Robert Guerrero

Robert Guerrero is a boxer-puncher with great assets; he has a solid chin, heart, experience & grit. He is always prepared & in great shape. Guerrero could win this fight...could. The Ghost may be able to hurt Keith Thurman & show us what that chin is made of, something other's have not proven. Guerrero needs to keep the pressure & diminish Thurman's power. If Guerrero can take Thurman's power he can make this a tough night for Thurman.

Keith Thurman

Thurman will use his pivot & pick power shots offense. Thurman has the power to hurt Guerrero and he needs to establish that early. If Guerrero isn't afraid of Thurman's power, Thurman is going to have to outbox him. He needs to move side to side, pick his power shots, and move again. I don't see Thurman scoring the.. "One Time" KO here.


Keith Thurman By UD12

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