Peterson vs Garcia - Preview - Tale of The Tape
By Quitano Sat, Apr 11 2015


Junior Welterweight Champion, Danny Garcia, faces off with the division’s #2 contender Lamont Peterson. The fight will take place @ Barclays Center, Brooklyn, New York, USA @ 9pm ET on TV: NBC.

Lamont Peterson

Peterson lost some luster & matches against top contenders like Garcia. He can also pull off a surprising victory because he is a good boxer. His defensive is average & Peterson’s chin is merely OK @ best. Peterson’s combination and reach will pose difficulty for Garcia along with great footwork. In order for Peterson to win he needs to use his footwork & snapping jab. He can beat the flatfooted Garcia if he empowers his speed & keeps Garcia away. However this will be very difficult.

Danny Garcia

Garcia is a tough boxer-puncher & has proven to have a hard chin. His main weapon is his counter punching with a slick left hook. Garcia is patient and waits for the right moment to attack. He is a flatfooted and gets hit a lot because of this. In order for Garcia to win he needs to wait for Peterson to make mistake and capitalize on Peterson’s soft chin. He cannot chase Peterson around the ring. Garcia is going to catch Peterson and hurt him then continue to hurt him. Once that happens it will keep on happening.


Danny Garcia By TKO 10RD

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