Arum, Pacquiao, Marquez, Macau, and the dilemma.

     It appears that Arum and Pacquiao were impressed by what they saw in Macau on Saturday night. Arum and Pacquiao have expressed interest in holding Pacquiao's return in many places as of late, including Dubai and Singapore, but now they might be interested in having the fight in Macau. After watching the professional debut of Zou Shiming and the amount of fans in attendance Pacquiao may have been swayed to have Macau as the front runner. It's been no secret that Pacquiao will be fighting outside the United States in September of this year but the selection of the venue and opponent has been a long battle that doesn't seem to have a clear ending as of yet.

     Pacquiao wants to fight Juan Manuel Marquez next, but Marquez has clearly stated he wants to fight Timothy Bradley next. Arum however stated that Pacquiao will either be facing Marquez or Bradley in September. Bob is no stranger to solving conflicts, but he may be being forced to hold off on Pacquiao-Marquez V. If he were to put Marquez vs Bradley together, he would have the issue of finding Pacquiao a worthy opponent. Provodnikov is trained by Roach so he would be out, Arum has already ruled out Brandon Rios, which would only leave Mike Alvarado. Alvarado has proved he may be worthy of the shot but his name isn't as big as Marquez's or Bradley's on the world wide stage. That may not matter overseas though, where Pacquiao would be the main attraction to matter who he fights. Another solution perhaps would be for Arum to make Pacquiao vs Bradley II like he plans, and put Marquez in against Rios or Alvarado. The only issue there is will Marquez be happy with fighting one of those guys? Arum's got some tough decisions on his hands as far as mix matching these guys and trying to make them all happy.

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