Boxing Weekend Predictions

In what is probably the most eventful weekend of the year in terms of the amount of boxing matches being held, I will try to make my predictions for each and every televised fight this weekend as I briefly explain why I believe my choices will be the right ones.

Garcia-Judah: In terms of boxing skills, Judah as the advantage. Even after a long exciting career of highs and lows, Judah is still very fast, very dangerous, and very strong. The problem with Judah has always been his stamina to maintain all of the three through a twelve round fight. If history teaches us anything, that is not something that ever changes. I expect Judah to come out boxing Garcia with his better skills. But as the fight goes on, Judah will fade, and Garcia's pressure and combination punching will take over. I like Garcia by 11th round TKO.

Quillen-Guerrero: I like Quillen by KO for some reason. I think he catches him. Guerrero's only loss came to an upset by Grady Brewer. Since then he's fought some lackluster opponents however he's a southpaw that always poses a danger because of his punching power. I think Quillen will have a hard time for a few rounds, maybe even the entire fight, and I don't expect an exciting fight despite both having punching power. It'll be very tactical and eventually Quillen will catch him with a KO or win UD.  

Khan-Diaz: Talk about rollercoaster careers, Khan should actually be the one fighting Mayweather next weekend. Instead two losses derailed him from the lime-light leaving him to face Julio Diaz. Diaz is dangerous cause he's a puncher, and everyone believes that Khan can't take a punch. Khan did survive Maidana, and I think he survives Diaz too. He's speed and technique will be too much for Diaz, who will spend the entire fight looking for a one punch KO but won't get it. Khan by decision.

Wilder-Harrison: Harrison loses big fights. This is a big fight, and I think Wilder is too much all around for him. I'm taking Wilder by 3rd round KO. I think he catches him early and finishes him.

Martinez-Murray: Believe it or not, this would be my upset special if I were picking one, but I'm not. The only reason I think Murray even has a shot is because of a ACL surgery that Martinez had to endure after the Chavez fight. Will he be able to move as good as he used too? His entire game is movement. I think Martinez will be ok for this fight. Murray doesn't pose much of a threat. Martinez will be faster and use his movement to keep Murray away. Murray doesn't have the power to compete. Martinez by decision.

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