Oleksandr Usyk Entering The Heavyweight Category

Absolute world champion in the first heavyweight, Ukrainian boxer Oleksandr Usyk will meet in the ring with Cameroonian Carlos Takam in May this year. This will be the first heavyweight Whisker fight. According to the promoter of the Ukrainian boxer Eddie Hearn, the battle will take place either on May 17 or on May 25. This is going to be one of the determining fights for both sportsmen and is definitely worth watching.

Usyk is one of the few boxers on Ukrainian arena worth observing and following. Especially, as he changes the category and is restlessly preparing his body and mind for the next fight against Carlos Takama. This is going to be the moment for all of us to get in front of the TVs instead of the erotic affairs channels on our laptops, and carefully watch the fight.

Oleksandr Usyk: What You Have To Know

The history of the future athlete began on January 17, 1987, in Simferopol. In the same place, he went to secondary school number 34. In his youth, he was fond of folk dances, judo, and football. Oleksandr was a member of the youth team of the Tavriya football team, but the guy didn’t have a football career.

Now that the preparations are running for the fight in the new category, Usyk said that he had the same weight as in the offseason. It just needs to be processed and translated into a different quality. His operating weight in combat will be a maximum of 97 kilograms. If there is more, it will be more difficult to hold 12 rounds. And he is always tuned to 12 rounds. It is difficult to carry out the whole battle with excess weight.

Takam has already an account of 42 battles on a professional ring. 36 times Takama won and five times lost. When it comes to Usyk, he has the following list of accomplishments and victories:

● Absolute world champion in the first heavyweight category;

● The best boxer in 2018 as recognized by the American television channel ESPN;

● Has received an Order of the Reverend Ilya Muromets of the 1st degree;

● The best sportsman of Ukraine in 2018.

These and many more victories that Usyk brought back to his country are only the beginning of his skyrocketing career. Some believe he has all chances to become ultimately the best in his sports in a few years time. However, it also seems the sportsman is looking forward to getting some time off and enjoying life with his family. After being the best it is nevertheless would be hard for him to rest on laurels and this makes him such an interesting fighter to observe.

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