Miguel Cotto Gets Best Of Both Worlds

Two days ago Miguel Cotto took to Twitter by announcing that he will be fighting on October 5th on HBO under Top Rank. Cotto took some time off after being defeated by Austin Trout in December. Cotto's camp made it perfectly clear that Miguel plans to remain a free agent, and that the Top Rank fight is just a one time deal. For someone like Miguel Cotto, a boxer that his built his name over the last few years as a PPV seller, remaining a free agent during the promotional and network war is the best thing for him.

Unlike most fighters, Cotto has a huge advantage by not signing with Golden Boy or Top Rank. The name that he has built over the years is a draw almost anywhere in the country. At this point in his career Cotto is still a fighter that people want to see fight even if it's against a unknown opponent. And while Cotto is looking to perhaps end his long career over the next two years or so, the feuding war between Golden Boy, Showtime, Top Rank, and HBO is something that he can take full advantage of. And it appears he has already started. 

Weeks ago it was speculated that Cotto would be taking on Cornelius Brundage on Showtime under Golden Boy Promotions on September 28th. The fight fell through because Showtime didn't approve of the fight, and rightfully so. Cotto-Brundage was no doubt going to be a hard sell. But Cotto realized that he didn't have to be bound to Golden Boy. By being the free agent that he is, Cotto isn't bound by just fighting Golden Boy fighters, or having to fight on Showtime at all. So what did he do? He contacted Top Rank about a potential fight on HBO. In just two weeks, they gave him the date of October 5th against an opponent who is yet to be determined. 

It was the old, well if one says no I'll just see what the other says method. It worked for him. Cotto's name can still generate money which allows him to hold the interest of both promoters and networks. If Cotto manages to win October 5th, regardless of what happens on September 14th between Mayweather and Alvarez, the ability to sell a Alvarez-Cotto fight still excites the fans. Cotto knows this and by not signing with Top Rank he leaves the door open for a possible fight against Canelo in the early months of 2014.  

Of course, not every fighter can do this. If it were that easy then no one would sign with anyone. Cotto finds himself in a unique situation that has worked out to be beneficial for him. He can work with both promoters on a fight to fight basis to get the fight that he is most interested in. As long as he continues to be a relevant name in boxing then he will be able to dictate alot of terms to each promoter, mainly money and opponents. He can fight on whatever network he chooses. It's a win-win situation for him. Cotto has also switched trainers and will now be training with Hall of Fame coach Freddie Roach. Right now, Delvin Rodriguez remains the front runner to face Cotto on October 5th.

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