Miguel Cotto vs Saul Canelo Alavarez likely next

Max Kellerman referred to it as the worst kept secret in boxing. He was probably right. Over three weeks ago it had been known to almost everyone that follows boxing that Miguel Cotto verbally agreed to face Saul Canelo Alvarez in the fall should he defeat Danny Geale. Well, he did, and pretty easily at that. Kellerman wasted no time asking Cotto about facing Canelo next in the post fight interview.

"I going to spend time with my family first. Then I come back to L.A to train for Canelo." Cotto responded. A pretty straight forward response for a guy that always says he's going to talk with it about his team first? That's because the fight is almost already done.

Prior to signing the Geale fight HBO was rumored to have told Miguel Cotto that if he did not verbally agree to face Canelo after his next fight then they would not pick up his current fight. Meaning, they would only show the Geale fight if he agreed to face Canelo in the Fall. He did, and the information obviously got leaked. HBO's has a long history with Cotto and they know that his verbal agreement is as good as his hand written signature.

While it was no secret it's hard to believe anything one hears in the sport of boxing. There were still doubts despite the rumors. Their probably still are right now. Confirmation from Cotto's own mouth should be proof enough. Cotto-Canelo will happen in the fall on PPV HBO. When it does it'll be the second biggest fight of the year and it's guaranteed to be a way better fight when it comes to action than Mayweather-Pacquiao was.

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