Sho Kimura SHOCKS Zou Shiming Wins the WBO flyweight belt

It was suppose to be a showcase and a breakout promotional event for Zou Shiming that turned into a disaster.

Sho Kimura knocks out Zou Shiming to win the WBO flyweight title. Kimura is now Japan's 11th current world champion. Sho Kimura was down on the cards going into the championship rounds. Then he let the hands go as Zou Shiming was against the ropes taking punishment with now answers to the attack. It was product of relentless infighting from Kimura and poor cardio from Zou.

Zou defeated Kwanpichit OnesongchaiGym for the WBO flyweight belt last November. Without his main promoter and trainer Top Ranks & Freddy Roach, Zou took on the event himself. The card was promoted solely by him.

No word on next step for Zou Shiming or Top Rank's involvement with his career.

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