Floyd Mayweather vs Robert Guerrero May 4th on Showtime

            After over a month of speculation, rumors, and rollercoaster rides caused by Mayweather himself, reigning pound for pound champ Floyd Mayweather (43-0, 26KO’s) finally announced his opponent for May 4th, and guess what, it’s the same person we thought it was going to be a month ago. Floyd Mayweather will face Robert Guerrero (31-1, 18 KO’s) in the main event at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas on May 4th for what has become his annual Cinco De Mayo boxing event.

            The biggest news of this event isn’t with the announcement of the fight, but with the fact that Showtime will be showing the PPV event. Mayweather reportedly has signed a six fight 'record breaking deal'. This is a huge change in the boxing industry. Mayweather has fought his entire career on HBO. It’ll be the first time that Floyd will be fighting on Showtime and it will be Showtime’s biggest event by far.

            What does this mean for the boxing industry? I’m not entirely sure. Showtime has reportedly inked Mayweather for six fights meaning that they could end up having all of Mayweather’s remaining fights.  After Mayweather retires the tides could switch back to HBO who will obviously be showcasing Adrien Broner now more than ever. Canelo though might be sticking with Showtime as the years go on which will be a huge loss for HBO considering Canelo is being brought up as another boxing superstar.

             The battle between Showtime and HBO will be huge over the next few years. What matters now though is that we finally see the return of Floyd Mayweather. Mayweather will likely be the huge favorite against Guerrero, who is coming off a big win over Andre Berto. Guerrero is expected to put a lot of pressure on Floyd that could make the fight just as interesting and action packed as the Cotto fight was. Guerrero is not one to hold back words either, and with Floyd Sr back in the picture, Showtime’s version of 24/7 is going to be very intriguing. 

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