Pacquiao vs Alvarado almost done? Marquez vs Bradley next?

For weeks we have been waiting on Top Rank and Bob Arum to make their announcement on what was going on with Manny Pacquiao and Juan Manuel Marquez. Arum, seemed to have been allowing Marquez to make the decision, and was waiting on him to decide on whether or not he wanted to face Pacquiao for a fifth time. It seem that Marquez, who was determined not to face Pacquiao again, has stuck to his guns. Reports are saying that Manny Pacquiao vs Mike Alvarado is close to being done for October. Usually in boxing, close means it's a done deal, assuming there are no huge last minute changes. With that fight close to being done it would be safe to believe that Marquez has chosen to fight Timothy Bradley. Marquez has not been shy saying that Bradley was his first choice, and since Arum already has the contracts for Pacquiao and Alvarado ready to be signed, then he most likely has the Marquez vs Bradley fight working as well. The matchups are intriguing, and is surely to draw favor from the fans.

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