Khan vs Alexander close for December 7th

Both Amir Khan and Devon Alexander have sparked the interest of pound for pound King Floyd Mayweather in the past year or two. For years Amir Khan has been calling out Floyd Mayweather. Everytime he gets closer to getting his shot, he does something that he shouldn't, lose. As recently as earlier this year, Floyd Mayweather expressed interest in fighting Devon Alexander when he tweeted that he was the front runner to face him before the Guerrero fight was made. Mayweather has expressed that same interest in fighting Khan. So now that Floyd Mayweather has officially signed on to fight Saul Alvarez, why not put Khan against Alexander with the winner getting Mayweather?

Well, Golden Boy is planning on doing just that. Richard Schaefer reported earlier that a deal is close for a fight between Amir Khan and Devon Alexander on Decemeber 7th. Dubai is being considered as the venue. The winner is expected to get the fight that every fighter dreams of these days, a fight against Floyd Mayweather in May of 2014 provided an immediate rematch isn't demanded after the Canelo fight. No contracts have been signed yet but the deal is close to getting done.

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