Oscar De La Hoya predicts Canelo to KO Mayweather

Never one to shy away from predicting a Mayweather fight, Oscar De La Hoya is predicting that Canelo defeats Mayweather by KO on September 14th. De La Hoya even went as far to say Canelo will do it before the 8th round. It's been  widely known among boxing fans that De La Hoya has always bet against Floyd, especially when it comes to fighting one of his fighters. This time though, De La Hoya has a chance to be right. In the past Floyd has always been a big favorite in his fights and De La Hoya has always picked against Floyd in an attempt to make people think these fighter's had a good chance, but this fight has the people thinking that Oscar may finally be right.  

"If he doesn't knock Floyd out in less than 8, I would be very surprised." Said De La Hoya at the public workout out for Canelo in Big Bear, CA earlier today. De La Hoya believes that he got the better of Floyd in their fight back in 2007, where he lost a split decision. De La Hoya said that Canelo will use his fight, and the Cotto fight to help him defeat Mayweather. 

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