Mayweather vs Canelo breakdown and prediction

FightNights editor and writer Gabriel Gonzalez breaks down and predicts Mayweather vs Canelo and Garcia vs Matthysse. In 2013, he has a record of 31-8 while predicting fights. Notable losses were Cloud over Hopkins, Rigondeaux over Donaire, and Gonzalez over Mares. Notable wins were Alvarado over Rios II, Matthysse over Peterson, and Canelo over Trout. Let’s see what he has to say about one of the most anticipated bouts in the last ten years.


Ok, Saturday night at the MGM Grand we have some very intriguing fights. The main event featuring boxing’s pound for pound best Floyd Mayweather taking on the hard hitting, undefeated Mexican Saul Canelo Alvarez. Also, we have undefeated junior welterweight champion Danny Garcia taking on knockout artist Lucas Matthysse. Opening the card is Ashley Theophane vs Pablo Cesar Cano followed by Carlos Molina vs Ishe Smith. Big night, big fights, so let’s get to the break down and prediction.


Floyd Mayweather vs Saul Canelo Alvarez:


For the record, I have never picked against Floyd Mayweather. Ever. I truly believe he’s one of the best fighter’s to ever exist. The easy pick here would be Mayweather. That’s what everyone else is doing. He’s too defensive, he’s too fast, and he’s too evasive. Canelo misses the entire night, gets tired, and Mayweather cruises to a 12 round unanimous decision. It’s hard to not pick that considering that’s how almost every single fight that Mayweather has ever been in usually looks like. But to me, Canelo poses a totally different type of threat. Mayweather’s three toughest fights of his career, who don’t fall into the same category of every other one of his fights, were Jose Luis Castillo, Oscar De La Hoya, and Miguel Cotto, and all just happen to have the same style as Canelo except for one thing, Canelo is actually better than all of them were when they fought Mayweather. So my prediction is that Canelo gives Floyd a serious problem Saturday night. Will it be enough to beat him? I’m not sure, but it’s going to be close. A hard jab, good body punching, and composure will win this fight for Canelo. And call me crazy, as most of you will, I think he pulls it off. Mayweather will land his one-two’s like he usually does but they won’t hurt Canelo or keep him away like they do everyone else. The judges will favor work rate like they did with De La Hoya. I’m taking Canelo in a shocking Split Decision victory. They will both win rounds, and it will be close. My only issue is judging. If it’s a close fight, expect a serious controversy either way.


Prediction: Canelo via Split Decision


Danny Garcia vs Lucas Matthysse:


Another classic boxer vs puncher fight. Only problem here is that Garcia is no Mayweather, and he needs to be to keep the hard hitting machine Matthysse away from him. It’s not going to happen. Garcia will exchange and his boxing skills aren’t good enough for Lucas. Matthysse gave Alexander hell, who is perhaps one of the best pure boxers out there. Garcia is no Mayweather or Alexander. I see Garcia taking some big shots from Matthysse but I think his chin holds up early. Garcia will fall into the same problem that Peterson did. He’ll try to avoid big punches from Matthysse while countering but it won’t work and he’ll get caught in a slugfest. Matthysse can win rounds too. Later in the fight though, Garcia is going to gas out and Matthysse is going to KO him. Not sure Garcia can hurt Matthysse but if he can the tables will turn. I don’t see it happening.


Prediction: Matthysse 10th round KO      


I also like Carlos Molina by UD over Ishe Smith and Ashley Theophane to pull it off against Pablo Cesar Cano


The owner of likes Mayweather in a one sided Unanimous Decision and Matthysse via KO. 

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